Corona Saviours


ITA has initiated a campaign for mobilizing Children and Youth for giving powerful information for Preventing Corona - making Behaviour Change a reality. This campaign is aiming to spread awareness and authentic information among the communities especially children and Youth to face this Pandemic Collectively and to support the Government, our society, this world and ultimately humanity.


  • To play our vital role to over this pandemic
  • To disseminate accurate information and procedure to ensue to safety of everyone
  • To overcome the In-correct Information being promoted on social media regarding COVID-19
  • To use the social media as a strong medium to reach maximum people
  • To engage maximum voices including our Goodwill Ambassadors, Children and Youth Champions to stand with us to fight against Caronavirus
  • To strengthen the capacities of children with proper life skills to save themselves and their families at home
  • To use pictures, posters, short videos and animated videos as strong tools for effective communication and awareness






Technology Enabled Education Resource Library (TEERL) developed under ITA's Teachers' Without Frontiers (TWF) initiative for teachers across Pakistan is a rich PreSchool to Grade 12 Teaching-Learning Resource Bank mapped to Pakistan's National Curriculum 2006. This was done in collaboration with Professor Peter Carr, and his MSC students at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Guidelines/PPT have been developed by the Training teams for educators to select learning materials from all over the world.

TEERL Guidelines/PPT

Teachers Without Frontiers (TWF) - Online Resource Library called "TEERL"


Do it yourself ASER - Inclusively with Audio/Visual and Sign Language

Following are the links in Urdu and English to administer ASER tools in households & schools - for ALL including children with hearing disabilities

Urdu | English


Defeating Corona through stories

Stories from CLF - Visuals

Story Wands - تدریسی چھڑیاں

The Winged One - Paronwala (2019) - Author & Illustrator Rumana Husain
Narrator: Tahira Mir, Coloured Pages: Inam Ilahi, Curriculum Alignment: Farah Shah "The Winged One."

Story Makra aur Makhi narrated by Sehrish Farooq

Dosti Kitaboun Say by Khaled Anam with Children

Storytelling for Peace by Chintan Girish Modi and Rumana Husain

Story Peelay Dupatay by Nusser Sayeed, Narrator Sehrish Farooq

Story telling session by Mosharraf Ali Farooqi

Musharraf Farooqi conducting a storytelling session at Children’s Library Complex

Storytelling Session with Rumana Husain at the CLF Lahore 2014

Storytelling Session by Sharmila Faruqi at the CLF Karachi 2015

Interactive storytelling session in poetic way by Zaib Nizamani

Adeel Hashmi at the Children’s Literature Festival Islamabad 2014

Storytelling sessions Children’s Literature from Kalash by Mr.Khurshid and Mr. Iqbal Shah

Story telling and origami session - Children Library Complex

Digital Story Session on #CLFLahore 2019 during 2nd Day (ARFA KARIM ROOM)

"Dramatic Storytelling" session by Suno Kahani Meri Zubani at Shakespeare Hall (Main Hall)

Maria Riaz Reading Edhi Baba Book

Storytelling by Rumana Husain

Daily Stories by Rumana Husain - Join her on Facebook

"Tota Khan aur Bakri Ara ka Safarnama" - A travelogue to be enjoyed for its information

"Jingles in the Jungle"- A bilingual book about the different sounds

How do you do?

A Sweet Tale- A bilingual book

Qudrat Kay Tamashay

Chooha phiray aafi baadi! The mouse who ran helter skelter!

An old Iranian tale

Laal Badaam

Laddu Paida Huwa

Empathise, assist, help, serve!

Let us appreciate The Wonder Garden!


Other Important Resources

Please spread the word not the germ!  Nadia Jamil  #StayAtHome

Defeating Corona Through Books: CLF has started an Online Book Club

Amai & Sadako’s Prayer by Fauzia Minallah

Defeating Corona through books

Click at the Link to Be a Book Club Member

Defeating Corona Through Books: A Time To Revisit Our Bookshelves-An Online Book Club

Arts and Crafts as Therapy

Interactive Art Activities

How to make an origami chain of people


Resources from other organizations

Room to Read - @RoomtoRead's digital platform, #LiteracyCloud, for books & other learning resources

Interesting Stories (Audios)

Just what we need while staying at home with kids!

Due schools closing around the world, Audible has made a selection of a few hundred audiobooks, freely available. The stories are aimed at young people, ages 0-18. The books are available in English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Italian.

10 weeks’ worth of resources from #MathsMastery & @English_mastery is now available to download

دادی فریادی - Sadia Sarmad

Protecting Our Lives through Life Skills and Empowerment

Short SOC Films


Menstrual Hygiene

Hoshiyar Asghari

Financial Literacy

Self Awareness

Aghaz-e-Safar: Domestic Violenced

Aaghai: Domestic Violence 1

Aaghai: How to protect yourself against domestic violence

Aaghai: Forced Marriage

Aaghai: Acid Crime


Puppet show by Rafi Peer


Online Book Club

First Week-First Book:Charlie & The Choclate factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 1 and 2 Read Aloud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 3, 4, 5 Read Aloud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 6, 7, 8 Read Aloud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 9, 10, 11 Read Aloud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 12, 13 Read Aloud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Read Aloud Chapters 14,15

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 16,17

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Read Aloud Chapters 18, 19 Read Aloud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 20, 21 Read Aloud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Chapters 22, 23

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Read Aloud Chapter 24 Read Aloud

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Read Aloud Chapters 25, 26

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Read Aloud Chapter 27

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Read Aloud Chapters 28, 29, 30