ITA Programs

Right to Education

Early Childhood Education(ECE),Early Childhood Development (ECD)

  • ACEP - CPB
  • Child Labor Initiatives
  • LSK
  • Award Winning Program
  • CLD- Communication Strategy        
  • BEEP Center
  • CDL-MOSWSE - Child Domestic Labour Project; Basic Education Enabling Program
  • ILO-Regpicker
  • ACLQEFA - Addressing Child labour through Quality Education For All 
  • ILO-CDL - CHILD DOMESTIC LABOUR (March 2005-July 2006)
  • Uniliver School

Research and Assessment

Literacy and Livelihood programs for youth and adults

Education in Emergencies - education and protection

Health, Hygiene and Environment

Post Secondary Scholarships & other compensatory programs

School Enrichment Program Clubs : Summer, ICTs, Youth, Homework Study Centres

Citizenship Education, Democracy, Human Rights, & Governance



Public Private Partnerships in Education- & CSR

Other Initiatives/Advocacy

Professional Development Programs

South Asia Forum For Education Development

Services Performed by ITA