Safe Internet Program

Telenor Safe Internet and Outreach Program (SISOP)

ITA in partnership with Telenor is organising a 2-hour training/orientation session on “Safe Internet Program” for the middle and high school students and teachers across Pakistan. A total of 85,000 children and 1500 teachers will be trained till December 2018.

By virtue of being a responsible digital service provider, Telenor Pakistan is a strong proponent of the fact that our users be equipped not just with the means to access the Internet, but with the right information and support system to be able to navigate this new world safely.

The Safe Internet Program is designed to empower girls and boys to use Information Communication Technology (ICT) and the Internet responsibly in a safe manner. It promotes responsible and safe on-line behavior of children through building their capacity in self-protection online through play based interactive awareness sessions and modules. It also enhances the capacity of project staff, teachers, School Management Council members and students on child protection via workshops and engagements.

Training Statistics of Telenor SISOP program as of 9th November 2018 :
S. No. Region Boys Trained Girls Trained Total Beneficiary
1 AJK 2,603  2,434  5,037 
2 Quetta 6,935 8,842 15,777 
3 Karachi 3,036 3,539 6,575 
4 Rawalpindi/Islamabad 3,943  3,226  7,169 
5 Lahore/BWP/Kasur 4,198  6,899  11,097 
6 KPK 127    127 
Total 20,842  24,940  45,782 

Training Statistics of Telenor SISOP program as of 9th November 2018