"Establishing a comprehensive scalable program for the most marginalized girls (9-19) for access, transition and retention for post primary education, skills and livelihoods"

About Us


Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), or the “Centre of Education and Consciousness” Public Trust, was established in 2000. With humble beginnings in Lahore, ITA has expanded programs (capacity buileding, services, research, advocacy and policy influence) across the country with 23 offices and 131 staff. It is certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP) and has a tax-exempt status. It has been recently accorded special consultative status by the UN ECOSOC on April 27, 2017.

The mission of ITA is to advocate and demonstrate universal access to quality learning and standard setting in education as a comprehensive inclusive learning experience for human evolution. Since 2000, ITA has been engaged in the education sector through a rights-based partnership approach to improve quality and governance of education from school to state level, ensuring inclusive and gender mainstreaming approaches and evidence-based advocacy for policy influence (mainly within the public-sector space). It emerged both as a response to the deeply felt crises of learning and systems by its original sponsors, and also to the government’s demand to help improve failing public sector schools.

Our Team


  • Baela Raza Jamil, Chief Executive Officer
  • Saba Saeed, Program Manager
  • Qazi Ehsan, Sustainability & Linkages Coordinator
  • Fida Hussain, Academic Coordinator
  • Naila Irum, Life Skills Coordinator
  • Moaaz Hamid, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager
  • Rastee Chaudhry, Research & Documentation Associate


  • Shaukat Hussain, District Project Manager
  • Abuzar Hamdani, Sustainability & Linkages Officer
  • Muhammad Zafar, Subject Specialist (Science)
  • Shaista Khalid, Health & LSBE Officer
  • Asma Dilshad, Social Mobilizer
  • Sumaira Hafeez, IT Integration Officer


  • Zubeda Hassan, District Project Manager
  • Muhammad Osama Fraz, Sustainability & Linkages Officer
  • Aisha Kiran, Subject Specialist (Languages)
  • Sobia Malik, Health & LSBE Officer
  • Tasleem Malik, Social Mobilizer
  • Sufyan Abid, IT Integration Officer


  • Fahim Raza, District Project Manager
  • Farhan Amir, Sustainability & Linkages Officer
  • Kaneez Fatima, Subject Specialist (Math)
  • Bushra Akbar, Health & LSBE Officer
  • Sahar Afshan, Social Mobilizer
  • Sumera Zubair, IT Integration Officer

About The Program

"Advancing Action for Adolescent Girls" crafts interventions for accelerated learning, service delivery and capacity building of out of school and highly marginalized adolescent girls (aged 9-19), for overcoming social and economic barriers through the acquisition of basic education or literacy and numeracy skills, enabling them to transition to secondary school, gain certified skills for decent work and livelihoods with life skills.


  • Improving girls literacy, numeracy, skills through accelerated learning packages with technology-enabled blended-learning innovations to promote self-reliance
  • Extending certified TVET skills along with enterprise development and financial literacy
  • Empowering through life skills-based education to tackle harmful social and gender norms with concurrent engagement of parents/community members for support
  • Mobilizing strategic partnerships with government and non-government institutions for scaling up and replicating systems-friendly solutions


3 Adolescent Empowerment Hubs with linkages to 40 state/non-state schools established in the selected locations to address the gender challenges for adolescent girls who have been unable to complete primary and elementary education. The Hubs will offer 3 strands of programs catering to the most marginalized girls with life skills-based education as a cross-cutting theme.
  • Remedial/Accelerated Learning
    • Short-term primary and middle school completion for those that have dropped-out in Grade 4 and Grade 7 respectively
    • Long-term primary and middle school completion for those that have dropped-out in Grade 3 and Grade 6 respectively
    • Matric completion for those that have either stopped their studies after Grade 8 or dropped-out in Grade 8
    • Functional Literacy for those that have never been enrolled in school
  • Skills, Livelihoods and Financial Literacy
  • Technology and Program Toolkits
  • Cross Cutting: Life Skills-Based Education

Sustainability of the Program

A³G works on all fronts to develop project sustainability from the very beginning, comprising of
i) creating an enabling environment;
ii) forming strategic partnerships for project adoption;
iii) strengthening human capital of partners;
iv) upgrading existing institutions to be able to adopt the program; and
v) building continuous adaptation into project core mandate. The cross-cutting themes for sustainability, namely impact evaluation, outreach and advocacy, and alignment to national and provincial policy obligations, are also strongly factored in for a project that will provide long-lasting benefits beyond its proposed timeframe.

If you are interested in partnering with ITA to scale-up this project, please contact Ms. Saba Saeed, the Program Manager, at saba.saeed@itacec.org.


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