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The Annual Status of Education Report Pakistan 2011-2015 & Chalo Parho Barho
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Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) - the centre for education and consciousness, Public Trust was formed and registered in June 2000. ITA’s primary focus is comprehensive education reform working strategically with public sector to influence policy and systems. It works across multiple sub-sectors of education and other sectors including health and governance to improve citizens’ voice in local level decision making, through household and school based initiatives across Pakistan.  Policy and advocacy are an embedded focus of the organization.
ITA is in the business of developing workable and upgraded education models and social policy guidelines. It believes in working through and with partners across local communities, districts and provinces. It has been a pioneer in the theory practice and policy on Public Private Partnerships at provincial and national levels.  

The current work and partnerships extend across the country in all five provinces and areas of Federally Administered Tribal Areas -FATA, Azad Jammu & Kashmir - AJK & Islamabad capital territory- ICT through institutional partnerships. ITA is working across South Asia as the coordinator for the South Asia Forum for Education Development ( )

Vision: “To promote education as a comprehensive process for human and social transformation”

Programs range from:
ITACEC Formal Education : Whole School Improvement Program (WSIP)
ITACEC Non-Formal Programs (catch up/skills/ literacy, life skills) for Child Labour, youth and vulnerable groups
ITACEC Health and Environment Education
ITACEC Promoting ICTs as literacy and improved access to information;
ITACEC Citizen led household based learning surveys of children-Annual Status of Education Report ASER (
ITACEC Chalo Parrho Barrho (Lets Read &Grow)- A learning improvement campaign to build a strong base among children in learning language and arithmetic
ITACEC Public Private Partnerships in Education- through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
ITACEC Professional Development & Capacity Building for Educators & Educational Leaders  (Pakistan/abroad) funded by US State Department at the Plymouth State University, including small grants disbursement & management to secondary level teachers/institutions
ITACEC Education in Emergencies –transformative solutions with affected communities and schools

Each program is embedded in gender, advocacy and partnerships

Since its inception ITA has engaged in policy advocacy and govt. oversight in influencing key policy documents such as the Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP); National Education Policy 2009, White/Green Papers, community participation manuals and provincial sector plans including PPPs in education sector (PDSSP 2010). It works with multiple partners across Pakistan and South Asia to improve capacity on citizen led tracking and improvement of learning levels.

The 18th Amendment to the Constitution has inserted new articles: 25- A the Right to Education and 19-A the Right to Information as fundamental rights for the first time in Pakistan’s history.  The citizens’ must take action NOW to claim them and mobilize the State for Action! 

ITA offers 2 Major Initiatives for Citizens and State Alike!  

We would like to offer summer internships at our organization. Interns are welcome to join us in any one of our current programs, but in particular for the following 2 programs.

1.  ASER - The Annual Status of Education Report Pakistan is a survey about the quality of education in Pakistan. ASER seeks to provide a reliable set of data at the national, provincial and local levels, that is comprehensive and, at the same time, easy to understand. The survey’s objectives are:

ITACEC To get reliable estimates of the status of children’s schooling and basic learning (reading and arithmetic level) at the district level
ITACEC To measure the change in these basic learning and school statistics from previous  year
ITACEC To interpret these results and use them to affect action and policy decisions at various levels

The Annual Status of Education Report is the largest annual survey of rural children done by the citizens of Pakistan every year. Collaborating with Pratham/ASER Centre India, ASER Pakistan is facilitated by the South Asia Forum for Education Development (SAFED).

ASER Pakistan 2010 survey collected data from 19,006 households, in 960 villages across 32 districts of Pakistan. A total of 54062 children were surveyed. In 2011 ASER is being up scaled and more than 70 districts of Pakistan

ASER is a south -south initiative taking place in India, East Africa (3-4 countries) and Pakistan.  Quoted by the GMR 2011, it is a movement to be watched. It is a unique citizens led household survey by those who believe that they can make a difference! 


2. CHALO PARHO BARHO- Let us Read and Grow:  to improve reading and numeracy for ALL our Children 3-12 years at primary level & Out of School Children! Currently in a pilot phase, CPB is planned to be scaled up post Summer Break 2011.


ITACEC The results of the ASER survey 2010 are taken to the villages where data was collected. A citizens’ gathering/katcheri takes place to share the results and dialogue whether infact the trends are true? And if so what do WE ALL do about improving them? What role can they play? What can the government do? Who can be mobilized as volunteers to help in improvement and enrollment?
ITACEC Citizens offer multiple solutions: Remedial; Catch Up; Mothers’/youth Literacy and even ECD programs in their village including volunteering for learning levels improvement in schools.
ITACEC A full fledged 100% household survey takes place in the village – each house marked with Out of School Children (both un-enrolled and drop out) so that the same can be brought back into the mainstream.
ITACEC Volunteers trained for the interventions of literacy/reading and numeracy (grades pre-school 1-V) to transform each village into 100% enrolled.

Contribute your skills - make a difference that is measureable! Become a part of winning team that transcends boundaries – education without borders!

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