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16 Days of Activism 2018: Aiman Saleem

Posted By ITA Team


In a small village of Mirpurkhas lives a family with four sons and daughters, of which the eldest in Aiman. Aiman’s father runs a small store with which he supports his entire family. Considering her financial constraints and her background from a family that doesn’t see value in girls’ education, Aiman never dreamt she would be able to continue her studies. Despite this, she did not give up – by gathering money by tutoring younger children and selling pillow covers which she stitched, she managed to complete her intermediate studies with very good grades. Unfortunately, her family’s financial situation got worse and her family had to ask her to leave her education after intermediate.


Determined to continue her education, Aiman applied for the Unilever scholarship. When she got selected, she proclaimed that it was the best day of her life because she could once again pursue the dreams she was beginning to give up on. Today, she can proudly say that she is the first of her entire family to attend university and pursue higher education. She is currently in the 3rd semester of BSc with the aim of becoming a lecturer and supporting her family.