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16 Days of Activism 2018: Salva Robab Chohan

Posted By ITA Team


Salva Robab Chohan belongs to a middle-class family from Sialkot city. Her father is a driver. She is the eldest of her siblings, with two younger sisters who are able to continue their studies because of the scholarships offered by the NTS. The children know that they belong to a self-made family and have faced many hardships, thus taking a keen interest in their studies to get scholarships on merit.

Life came to a standstill for Salva’s family when her sister went through a horrible accident, due to which she suffered a broken leg, because all the family savings had to be spent for the operation of her sister.

Being a bright student always, Salva had full faith in her abilities. One day, she saw an advertisement by the Fair and Lovely Foundation for their FAL scholarship program, to which she decided to apply with full confidence in her abilities. When Salva finally received the call from Unilever, she was ecstatic: her hard work had finally paid off. Salva’s journey proves that one can endure many hardships but still prosper; she prospered due to her faith in herself and her ability to achieve her dreams because the power of her dreams was always greater than the power of her hardships.

Salva has managed to secure admission in IBM UET, the prestigious institution of Lahore, and is pursuing a degree in MS Management.