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16 Days of Activism 2018: Umaima Sheikh

Posted By ITA Team


Umaima is from a humble background where her father supports her family of five on a small income. With the limited salary, Umaima’s father was unable to support her desire for a quality higher education. Umaima has always had a passion for art and creativity, which her family acknowledged and supported after realizing her potential.

Being an independent individual, Umaima decided to earn herself and started privately tutoring children and teaching at a school part-time. She completed her Bachelors in Economics, after which she decided to pursue her passion for art and design by enrolling in a Fashion Designing diploma.

Dreams and aspiring to become a fashion designer one day, she knew she had to pursue a degree in Fashion despite her limited means. She came across the advertisement by the FAL foundation and decided to apply for it. After completing the application process, Umaima was selected as a recipient of the scholarship. According to her, the moment she heard she had been accepted “it was a really emotional moment; I was happy and crying at the same time, thanking Allah for his countless blessings”.

Currently, Umaima is enrolled in AIFD and pursuing a Masters in Fashion Merchandising.