World Teacher's Day 2019

Vicariously Speaking

Posted By Rashida Kamil

This poem is dedicated to Hafeez Taib, who is a respected name in Urdu ghazal and naat (verse in praise of Prophet Muhammad SAW). He served as a teacher and as the Head of the Department in the Punjabi Department, Punjab University. I was never fortunate enough to have studied under him, but I have an indirect link with him due to my dear friend Dr. Nabeela Rehman. He was a great poet of ghazal and naat, a wonderful human being and a kind teacher. May Allah rest his soul in peace. When I heard his mention from Nabeela I would say to her, tell me… 'What is your sir like? In which land does he reside? He stirs love in words…but how? The gates of love and beauty he unlocks…but how? Do you feel love for him? Or devotion? Or another emotion beyond these?' I keep saying to her, 'Someday show me, too, That face, the sight of which Brings radiance to your eyes.' On hearing this, An endless silence Descends and rests between us I would again say, 'Come on then, tell me, What did you gain from him?' When she would say something it felt like In a valley of abundant emotion, all words were hers Each drop in the ocean of love was hers I felt as if She is staring in the distance, far away, oblivious to my presence She continues to speak, oblivious to my presence Saying, 'Sir has taught me to write,' That' He has taught me to ascend the staircase made of words That face adorned with words and emotions, That face chiseled by genuine pain,' And now I ask myself, Do I feel for him love, devotion or an emotion beyond these ? The poetess is Deputy District Education Officer, Sadiqabad, District Rahimyarkhan