Training Associate (Teacher Training)

No. of Vacancies = 1
Location = Lahore
Qualification: Bachelor’s degree (16 years of education)

Required Skills: ability to work under pressure and time constraints, adaptability, proficiency in the use of technology, proficiency in the use of Office 365/Google Suite, research skills, excellent verbal/written communication and presentation skills, English typing, Urdu typing (optional).

Job Description:


Responsibilities: Training Associate will be responsible for the following:

-        Strategy Development

o   Creating, updating and refining strategic documents of the training unit including defining and refining its vision, mission and short-, medium- and long-term strategy and objectives

-        Content Development

o   Design, testing and revision of content required for training and professional development of teachers, school leaders, coordinators, staff, community members and other stakeholders

o   Design, testing and revision of assessment, evaluation, survey and feedback tools

-        Field Visits

o   Conducting training needs assessment

o   Conducting training sessions and programs

o   Monitoring and evaluation of district training and academic teams

o   School and classroom observations

o   Testing different learning initiatives and activities in schools

-        Coordination

o   Establishing a communication channel with other departments (administration, finance, operations, program teams etc.) and with district teams for effective execution of all training-related activities

o   Following up and responding to online and offline queries received from district teams via phone, WhatsApp, email, SMS, Facebook, and other channels.

-        Quality Assurance

o   Design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation tools as required by ITA’s training unit for quality assurance purposes

o   Design and implementation of independent assessments for teachers, coordinators and students as required by ITA’s training unit for quality assurance purposes

o   Establishing accountability mechanisms for district training and academic teams

o   Defining, updating and refining standard operating procedures for all training-related activities at all tiers of the organization

o   Supervision and monitoring of training replications by district training teams

-        Collaboration with the Academic Unit

o   Design and implementation of academic calendars in ITA/partner/client schools

o   Supervision of assessments and examinations conducted in ITA/partner/client schools as part of the regular academic calendars

o   Independent assessment of student learning outcomes in ITA/partner/client schools

-        Partnerships and Linkages

o   Providing guidance and facilitation to ITA’s partners at the University of Waterloo with their work on ITA’s Online Resource Library project - Teachers Without Frontiers (TWF)

o   Working with ITA’s partners from the American Board for Certification of Teachers Excellence (ABCTE) for the successful execution of ABCTE’s online teacher training program offered to teachers, trainers and coordinators at ITA

o   Creating linkages with potential partners and establishing alliances to expand and deepen the impact of training and capacity building initiatives

-        Analysis, Summarization and Reporting of Training Data

o   Compilation and organization of training, assessment, evaluation and monitoring data

o   Analysis of training data and use of training results to devise further action points for trainers, coordinators, school leaders, teachers and other stakeholders

o   Summarization and communication of results to relevant stakeholders

The organization reserves the right to assign additional roles and responsibilities.



No. of Vacancies = 1
Location = Lahore
Qualification: Bachelors in Marketing/Mass Communication/Social Sciences

Good Communication skills, Presentation Skills


Job Description:

 The ideal candidate must have the ability to work flexibly and has good project management, communication, and organizational skills

NOTE: We are an equal opportunity employer. Interested candidates may send their applications clearly mentioning position name, current and expected salary latest by February 20, 2020.

If interested then send your updated Resume through email: [email protected] or Post at Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi, 1/A, Canal Park, Gulberg II, Lahore, Pakistan.