ITA COVID-19 response has Three Action Strategies: "for children, parents/caregivers and teachers/educators"

I - Academics, Accelerated & Second Chance Learning and Assessments

II - Creativity Expression & Healing

III - Prevention and Protection - LifeSkills and Empowerment

The Solutions will enable communities to face COVID-19 individually & collectively in collaboration with Government, CSOs, Industry & Development Partners.


  •  To disseminate information through ICTs, New Media- Ed Tech learning solutions for accelerated second chance learning, expression, healing, prevention and protection through safe behavior
  •  To mobilize the influencers/champions including our goodwill ambassadors, and, children and youth champions to fight against #CoronaVirus
  •  To generate strategic Public Goods during this apocalyptic disruption & leapfrog education & care outcomes especially for the vulnerable groups, girls and women
  •  To support the most vulnerable groups with ration and modest livelihood opportunities
  •  To undertake rapid surveys for evidence based policy and actions


Solution # 1: Accelerated Learning Solutions (OOSC and In School Children)

  •  Functional Literacy/Chalo Parho Barho/Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) - a 50-60 day learning camp to boost learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy for in-school and not learning and OOS children

Outreach: 150,000 beneficiaries since 2014 across Pakistan


Contact Person: Sahar Saeed, Phone # 0322-4616047 , Email Address:

  •  Siyani Sahelian - Accelerated Second Chance Program - A second chance program for out of school adolescent girls (and boys) to complete primary, middle and secondary education through tech based blended learning, life skills for psychosocial support - and TVET for 13 years +2

Outreach: 22,000+ beneficiaries from 2018-2020 and reaching 16,000 by Feb 2021


Contact Person: Saba Saeed, Phone # 0332-4165160, Email Address:


Solution # 2: ASER Inclusive Assessment. A household based assessment video in three basic competencies ( Lower primary content) i.e. Language (Urdu/Sindhi/Pashto, English) and Arithmetic. Tools available online free of cost to gauge learning competencies of children-and those with hearing impairment (in collaboration with DeafReach)

Target Audience: Students of Grades 1-10, Age: 5-16

Watch: and

Contact Person: Sahar Saeed, Phone # 0322-4616047 , Email Address:


Solution # 3: Technology Enabled Education Resource Library (TEERL) K-12 teachers CPD and preparation for grade and subject-specific topics mapped to National/Provincial Curriculum TEERL

Target Audience: Teachers K-10 and Students/Parents


Contact Person: Fida Hussain, Phone # 0321-6314340, Email Address:


Solution # 4: Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) Online

Online Link:

1 - Story Telling Link:

2 - Online Book Club Link:

3 - Art Therapy /Interactive Activities Link:

4 - Theatre & Puppetry Link:


Target Audience: Children (4-16)/Teachers/ Parents

Contact Person: Sehrish Farooq, Phone # 0336-2413806, Email


Defeating Corona through stories

Solution # 5: Corona Saviours (کورونا محافظ) campaign

ITA’s Corona Saviours کورونا محافظ campaign aims to mobilize children and youth to spread awareness and authentic information for prevention of corona virus through making behavior change a reality. Click to register as a corona savior and find resources and guidelines to support this mission.

Target Audience: General Public

Link for guidelines, information and registration of Corona Saviors:

Contact Person: Joshua Dilawar, Phone # 0300-4123571, Email Address:


Solution # 6: To promote protection and empowerment, customized animated short films on five different subjects of financial literacy, menstruation, education, nutrition & self-awareness are created with Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (SOC) Films- Siyani Sahelian & Creating Spaces.

Target Audience: Students/Adolescent girls/Teachers (Grade 5-10)


Rafi Peer Theater Puppet Show:

Contact Person: Saba Saeed, Phone # 0332-4165160, Email Address:

Protecting Our Lives through Life Skills and Empowerment

Short 5 SOC Films for Adolescents


Short ITA-Siyani Sahelian 5 Films by Students Trained by SOC Films



Solution # 7: SAFE Internet and Outreach Programme

SAFE Internet educates the children of Pakistan on safe use of the Internet, reducing the chances of online risks (like cyberbullying, trolling, hate speech, fake news etc.) and promoting online safety measures ensuring privacy & information security. It aims to educate 175,000 children and 11,500 teachers in Public and Private schools nationwide through training sessions (in schools/online schools) and digital content shared across social media platforms.

Target Audience: Children (between the ages of 9-15 years), Teachers, Parents & Government Departments


Contact Person(s): Waqas Bajwa, Phone # 0300-8524432, Email Address:

Zainab Zafar, Phone # 0323-5068071, Email Address:

WASH, Rations & Livelihood support is ongoing for communities in ITA Program Locations Links to Other Learning & Support Resources (In Progress)


 ITA Webinar Series

The provocation for ITA hosted webinars comes from three major directions: a) COVID-19 and its multiple challenges; b) ITA partnerships at local, national and global levels in learning, evidence generation, and advocacy, and c) service delivery practices from the field Our webinars series are richly focused on a) thematic areas and b) voices from the field generated from our work For each webinar, the resources/presentations are attached

On August 4, 2020, ITA hosted a webinar on “Early Years Learning in COVID-19: Global Response and Adaptations in Pakistan”. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the growth and learning environments for children across all age-groups. This is particularly the case for children in early years. Under such circumstances, this webinar brings together experts and practitioners in early years to explore and discuss the potential response options available for governments, workforce, and parents in Pakistan and rest of the Global South to ensure that children in early years do not face the negative consequences of COVID-19. The panelists included Dr. Hirokazu Yoshikawa (Professor of Globalization and Education, New York University Education Steinhardt School), Dr. Amy Jo Dowd (Head of Evidence, LEGO Foundation), Shawn Powers, (Economist, Education Global Practice, World Bank), Evelyn D. Santiago (Executive Director, ARNEC), Dr. Nadia Siddiqui (Education Researcher), Dr. Amna Ansari (Early Years Fellow for Pakistan with the World Bank), Abdal Mufti (Head of Research and Policy Wing at PMIU, School Education Department, Punjab). The webinar was moderated by Dr. Monazza Aslam (Education Economist).

On July 30, 2020, ITA hosted a webinar “COVID Kay Sitaray” to hear from “NEW CADRE” about their COVID-19 journey for learning. ITA’s fundamental core is the people who kept working vigilantly during COVID-19 to deliver education and develop communities adapting to new paradigms. This webinar Covid kay Sitaray included the panels where stars from all departments of ITA, including teachers, communities, and our wonderful students shared their experiences and reflected upon their learning process during the Covid-19.

On June 30, 2020, ITA hosted a public webinar titled "COVID-19 and Inclusive Education: Global Practices and Lessons for Pakistan”. The event brought together the thought-leaders and practitioners to discuss the options available for the education of ALL children during COVID-19 and share the practices which are most relevant in the context of developing countries in general and Pakistan in particular. The panelists included Ian Attfield (Senior Education Advisor, South Asia Region – DFID), Bilal Barakat (Senior Policy Analyst, GEM Report), Nafisa Baboo (Director Inclusive Education, Light for the World), Richard Geary (Founder and Director Programs, FESF Pakistan), Munazza Gillani (Country Director Pakistan, Sightsavers) and Aamad Ali Yousafzai (Former Equity Lead, PESP 2/Cambridge Education). The webinar was moderated by Baela Raza Jamil (CEO, ITA). The webinar concluded with an agreement to form a national core group for Inclusive Education.

On July 17, 2020, ITA hosted a webinar titled “Learning Crisis in COVID-19 and Learning Losses” to discuss the efforts required to counter the impact of school closures. The education system has been severely impacted by COVID-19 and the crisis offers an important reflection point for education leaders, the webinar brought together the thought-leaders and practitioners to discuss the options available for the education of ALL children and share the practices which are most relevant in the context of developing countries in general and Pakistan in particular. The panelists included Koen M. Geven (Economist South Asia Region, World Bank), Jonathan Stern, (Senior Education Research & Evaluation Specialist, RTI International), Kate Anderson (Global Education Strategist, Anderson Education Associates), Dr. Faisal Bari (Director, IDEAS & Interim Dean, LUMS School of Education), and Dr. Shehzad Jeeva (Director Examination Board, Aga Khan University). The webinar was moderated by Baela Raza Jamil (CEO, ITA).