Preamble to the Emergence of ITA

Human survival and evolution rest upon two critical pillars viz. (1.) an environment which provides access to contemporary learning skills in a rapidly changing global setting, and (2.) a political framework for participation according to constitutional and legal entitlements without discrimination. Democracy cannot flourish without active citizen participation. Participation requires capacity for the cultivation and application of democratic principles. The capacity to develop, understand and apply democratic principles must be generated in turn through an education process. 


The objectives of the Trust are to:

  • Embark upon appropriate institutional arrangements to explore, experiment, research and implement quality alternatives committed to educational excellence in a global setting.
  • Establish an institute for professional development for educators, for undertaking reforms, and implement high standards of practice.
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Board of Trustees & Advisors

Advisors: 2 Total No. of Trustees: 06 (Female=5, Male=1)

ITA's Board of Trustees and Advisors

  Name Designation Description
1 Dr. Narmeen Altaf Hameed Chairperson Health, Gender and Development Advisor
2 Baela Raza Jamil Trustee/CEO Educationist and Public Policy Expert
3 Ms. Rukhshanda Naz Trustee Women Rights Expert
4 Mr. Jamil Najam Trustee Former  DPI- EE, Former Director CPP
5 Ms. Rubina Tariq Trustee Educationist
6 Dr. Afshan Huma Trustee Policy Analyst and Consultant in Educational Research
7 Mr. Muhammad Asif Sultan Secretary Board Director Operations
8 Ms. Noor Jehan Dhanani Advisor Special Need & School Improvement Consultant (UK)
9 Prof. Shaheen Sardar Ali Advisor International Human Rights Academic