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Watch: A Journey of Change - Improving learning outcomes, enrolment and transitions from ECE to primary education especially for girls and vulnerable groups in Pakistan

Our Goal

Improving learning outcomes, enrolment and transitions from ECE to primary education for especially girls and vulnerable groups in Pakistan

Who we are?

The Dubai Cares Project under Idara e Taleem o Agahi aims to "improving Learning outcomes, enrolment and transition from Early Childhood Education (ECE) to Primary Education especially for girls and vulnerable groups in Pakistan? The project, designed in four phases from January 2008 till December 2016 supports multiple components of Early Childhood Education, Learning for Access, Teachers without Frontiers, Learning Assessments, Children's Literature Festival and Advocacy.
Evidence Based Delivery Mechanisms of the project components are established through our vast network of Policy Planning Officials, Managers, Researchers, Coordinators, District Officers, Para Teachers, Master Trainers/Mentors and School Management Committees. We continuously strive towards providing quality alternatives committed to educational excellence in a global setting.

What We Do?

Component 1

Early Childhood Education

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Component 2

Learning for Access

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Component 3

Teachers without Frontiers

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Component 4

Learning Assessment

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Component 5

Children's Literature Festival

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Component 6

Advocacy and Policy Influencing

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What's our Plan?

Phase 1 | Phase 2

Ongoing Phase 3 (January 2014 till December 2016)

Phase-III of Dubai Cares focuses on "Improving learning outcomes, enrolment and transitions from Early Childhood Education (ECE) to primary education for especially girls and vulnerable groups in Pakistan? in 10 districts across 3 provinces (Sindh, Balochistan and Punjab) in Pakistan. This project essentially targets Early Childhood Education (ECE), enrollments and retention, learning levels of the in-school children (ISC) and out of school children (OOSC) and consequently mainstreaming the OOSC in schools. The project is designed to benefit directly 520 schools and 35000 children of age up to 14 years by December 2016 through its Whole School Improvement program.

Ongoing Phase 4 (January 2015 till December 2016)

The ongoing Phase-IV of Dubai Cares Project concentrates a unique intervention in Bahawalpur District of Southern Punjab. To provide experiential learning opportunities for successful transition of ECE children to primary level, 26 Early Childhood Centers were established in which 1000 students were enrolled. Several trainings were also conducted for government and Para teachers to enhance and develop their concept on different dimensions of the ECE component.

and to shed a light on what is ECE and what is the role and responsibilities of teachers, Brain Development in early years, Developmental Domains & Developmental milestones and why it is important. 26 accelerated learning camps were also conducted to cater to 1050 out of school children aged 6-14. After successful completion and improvement in the learning levels these students were mainstreamed in the schools.

Our Partners

Dubai Cares works to improve children's access to quality primary education in developing countries. The UAE-based philanthropic organization's programs are currently reaching over 7 million beneficiaries in 28 developing countries with the highest gap in primary education. Dubai Cares expresses the UAE's commitment to the global community's development goals - namely, United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UN MDG) 2 and 3, of guaranteeing universal primary education and promoting gender equality, respectively. Dubai Cares is also helping to forge a global partnership for development, as indicated by UN Millennium Development Goals.

Dubai Cares has been working extensively in Pakistan, reaching out to 4028 schools and 1,035,300 beneficiaries since 2008

Stories of Change

Education in Pakistan: Idara e Taleem o Aagahi ITA
Haseena Bibi’s classroom, Lessons for All

Liaquatpur, a small village 110 kilometers away from Rahim Yar Khan had been a beautiful drive along ripe mango fields and expansive green fields on both the sides. As the day progressed and I entered my last school for the day’s field visit, I did not foresee what I was about to observe. I visited an enthusias

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Education in Pakistan: Idara e Taleem o Aagahi ITA
Ghulam Yaseen; From Bricks to Books

On a sunny morning as I entered a village school in a district south of Punjab, I saw a little boy standing alone next to a tree, away from the crowd of children playing in the ground. Passing by him I went in to meet the Para teacher and the Head teacher for filling assessment forms for the ‘Chalo Barho Camp’ at

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Education in Pakistan: Idara e Taleem o Aagahi ITA
A Journey of Gulshan: Disparity to Parity

As my journey started to evaluate the performance of CPB Camps for outof school children at various schools, I started penning down much of the happenings virtuously related to the educational domain. Upon reaching Multan, I foundthat the progress with regard to CPB was pretty much satisfactory since CPB Camp had alr

By Mr. Qazi Ehsanullah

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