Project Components

There are six key components of the project:


Component 1 - Early Childhood Education

Establishing quality “Early Childhood Education (ECE) in primary government schools for holistic experiential learning and transition from pre-primary to primary education. The component will support policy and advocacy, capacity building of teachers, head teachers, parents/community and tracking learning outcomes. ECE under Dubai cares will mirror sector plans of two provinces in 04 target districts of Sindh (2) and Baluchistan (2)
 The main objectives of Component I aligned with the provincial sector plans, are as follows:
Dubaicares To provide experiential learning opportunities to 35000-40,000 children in 400 schools over 30 months for successful transition to primary level
Dubaicares To hire and train 400 para teachers along with 400 school teachers in ECE curriculum, pedagogies and assessment system.
Dubaicares To train cluster head teachers, and 150 field officers /trainers such as DTEs (govt. District Teacher Educator), supervisors, ADEOs/AEOs and relevant personnel on ECE to make the intervention sustainable for the entire district
Dubaicares To raise awareness among 2,000 SC/SMC members (400 schools × 05) on the importance and need of ECE.
Dubaicares To develop modules on ECE curriculum, early learning developing standards (ELDS) and assessment to influence B.Ed ECE courses in pre–service and in-service training of teachers.
Dubaicares To undertake baseline prior to the launch of the segment with a research design to measure impact through the life of the project

Component 2 - Learning for Access:

20,800 (could be expanded to 25,000 if not 30,000) Out of school children (OOSC)’s access, accelerated learning and support for school improvement where the OOSC are being mainstreamed
 The main objectives of the component, aligned with the sector plans, are as follows:
Dubaicares To provide Accelerated Learning Program/CPB to 20,800 OOSC( # could almost double )
Dubaicares To mainstream 14,560 (70%) of Out of School Children (Drop out/Never Enrolled)
Dubaicares To ensure retention of 10,192 (70%) mainstreamed children
Dubaicares To improve Learning levels of 15,600 In-school children (grade4-5) at risk of dropping out
Dubaicares To improve school learning environment in 520 target schools
Dubaicares Capacity building of 2,080 teachers of target schools
Dubaicares Capacity building of 2,600 School Council / Parent Teacher School Management Committee Members

Component 3 - Teachers without Frontiers

Teachers without Frontiers (TWF- unique outreach through trainers and e- enabled platforms in far flung areas of Pakistan
Dubaicares from all provinces; they will focus on content knowledge and understanding of Standard based Curriculum with communication skills and e-learning/ IT skills
Dubaicares Capacity building by 30 LMTs through workshops of 30 trainees each; about 900-1050 educators in hard to reach areas in all provinces; they will focus on content knowledge, and implementation of Standards based Curriculum through blended medium –face to face and e-learning solutions in English, Urdu/Sindhi, Maths, Science, Social studies and ECE
Dubaicares To identify from each cohort of 30 trainees 3 special communicators/Mentors (90) with skills for e-learning who can in turn train another 30-50 trainees for multiplying the capacity through blended learning solutions (90 trainers to train 50 teachers each = 4500)
Dubaicares These 90 mentors (called as Master Trainers) will be trained for 4 -6 weeks on e-learning devices – blended learning and be provided with tablets for access to learning solutions
Dubaicares To develop an e-learning platform /portal easily accessible by teachers anywhere through simple telephony, I-PADs or computers. Apps will be developed accordingly
Dubaicares The 90 mentors will in turn train 35-50 teachers in the agreed areas. Reaching to 4,500 teachers (2 per school) who in turn will reach out to 200-250 students in 2,250 schools.
Dubaicares To undertake impact research of this model for mobilizing evidence to inform the innovation and influence policy for in-service training and dissemination of the approach

Component 4 - Learning Assessment

Learning Assessment (Learning Metrics Task Force)
Dubaicares Leverage and build consensus on measuring learning among the global and national education/assessment community
Dubaicares Develop concrete recommendations for measuring learning at the national levels through the learning metrics for global comparisons
Dubaicares Have recommendations translated into action (including inform the post-2015 agenda)
Dubaicares Long-term: Shift the conversation on education from access to access plus learning, and improve learning outcomes for children and youth

Component 5: Children Literature Festival

Dubaicares Generate a culture of reading to improve learning and citizenship across Pakistan's schools by popularizing Children’s Literary Festivals as a sustainable institution for age groups 4-18

Component 6 - Advocacy and Policy Influencing

Advocacy and influencing government policy – provincial, national
Dubaicares To influence public policy on education and girls’ right to education for meeting the challenges of RTE in Pakistan