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ITA Quality education- Minimum standards for teaching approved (Express Tribune, 12 February)
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ITA Ending child labour- All children at kilns to be enrolled in schools (Express Tribune, 10 February)
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ITA Child labour- Inspection of brick kilns to continue- Shahbaz (Express Tribune, 07 February)
ITA Redirecting focus to teacher commitment (Express Tribune, 06 February)
ITA ایس ای سی پی نے اہم قوانین کا اردو ترجمہ کر لی (Jang Newspaper, 06 February)
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ITA محکمہ لٹریسی بھٹہ مزدوروں کے بچوں کو سکول داخل کرانے کا ذمہ دار ہوگا۔ (Jang News, 29 Jaunary)
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ITA Human development- Promote education to avoid an Arab Spring (Express Tribune, 26 Jaunary)
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ITA Four arrested as police foil underage marriage (Dawn News, 14 Jaunary)
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ITA پنجاب ایجوکیشن فاونڈیشن کا ترمیمی آرڈیننس جاری، بورڈ آف ڈائریکٹرز کی بھی تشکیل نو (Jang Newspaper, 01 January)
ITA انتیس لاکھ بچے تعلیم سے محروم ہیں (Jang Newspaper, 27 December)
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ITA ASER 2015: Gender disparity still evident in school enrolment (Express Tribune, 18 December)
ITA Govt institutions received 29pc, private 2pc of state grants (Business Recorder, 18 December)
ITA تعلیم کو عام کرنے کے لئے ہم سب کو ملکر کام کرنا ہو گا (Nai Baat, 18 December)
ITA اسلام آباد : وزیر مملکت بلیغ الرحمن ، حاصل بزنجو اور دیگر تنظیم اثر کے تعلیمی سروے کی رپورٹ اٹھائے ہوئے(Dunya News, 18 December)
ITA Islamabad: Engineer Muhammad Balighur Rehman formally launched ASER 2015 report (Daily Times, 18 December)
ITA 20pc of children still out of school, survey finds (The Nation, 18 December)
ITA 20pc of 6-16-year old children out of school (The News, 18 December)
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ITA سکولوں کو درجہ اے اور بی میں تقسیم کرنے کی تجویز زیر غور ہے۔  (Express Tribune, 12 December)
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ITA اپنجاب میں 500 نئے پرائمری سکول کھولے جائیں گے۔  (jang Newspaper, 24 October)
ITA Vacuous Schooling  (Express Tribune, 24 October)
ITA امریکہ کا دو لاکھ پاکستانی بچیوں کی خصوصی تعلیم کیلئے پروگرام کا اعلان۔  (jang Newspaper, 23 October)
ITA Spending for education to be doubled by 2018  (Dawn News, 23 October)
ITA 12 Years of Schooling Can Help End Child Marriage in Pakistan  (huffingtonpost)
ITA بھٹہ مزدوروں کے بچوں کی سکولوں میں داخلہ مہم ہدف کی جانب کامیابی سے بڑھ رہی ہے۔  (Jang Newspaper, 22 October)
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ITA Education emergency in Baluchistan (Express Tribune, 30 September)
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ITA 2nd phase of school enrollment of kiln children starts (Dawn News, 22 September)
ITA 28 kiln children enrolled at govt school (Express Tribune, 22 September)
ITA Educational standards- Rural schools in Hyd better than urban ones (Express Tribune, 22 September)
ITA Status of education- Teachers not to be blames for poor system- report says (Express Tribune, 21 September)
ITA تعلیمی معیار میں گراوٹ کیوں؟ (Jang Newspaper , 20 September)
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ITA A single teacher runs the show at 30pc of all schools (Dawn News, 17 September)
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ITA چائلڈ پروٹیلشن کے زیر انتظام رہائشی بچوں کی ٹیکنیکل تعلیم کے لئے عمر میں رعایت (Jang Newspaper, 08th September)
ITA Status of education in Lahore declining(The Express Tribune, 08th September)
ITA School management- Schools will be allowed to make spending decisions (The Express Tribune, 01 September)
ITA Education- Renovate old schools buildings in a month (The Express Tribune, 01 September)
ITA Love learning- Educators don't target al areas of human intelligence (The Express Tribune, 30 August)
ITA ASER 2015 begins (Dawn News, 29 August)
ITA چائلڈ پروٹیکشن بیورو نے 14 بچوں کو تحویل میں لے لی  (Jang Newspaper, 28 August)
ITA Off to school- Campaign to end child labour at kilns kicks off   (The Express tribune, 26 August)
ITA 45,000 out-of-school children to be enrolled by Oct 31 (Dawn News, 26 August)
ITA Now or never (The Express Tribune, 26 August)
ITA Protecting children (The Express Tribune, 25 August)
ITA Evil within- Child sexual abuse cases rise by 17%, says UNICEF-funded study (The Express Tribune, 24 August)
ITA Ambivalent donations- Badin schools shuts down, girls continue classes at madrassa (The Express Tribune, 24 August)
ITA More to go- Backseat no more- education finance increasing in budget (The Express Tribune, 24 August)
ITA Education for all- Govt attaches great importance to health, education- Rehman (The Express Tribune, 24 August)
ITA Early unions by Nadia Agha (Dawn News, 24 August)
ITA Upcoming National Education Policy : ITA organises stakeholders' consultative meeting (Daily times)
ITA Education policy: 'Children don't get the attention they deserve' (The Express Tribune)
ITA Education policy 2016 must be in line with 18th Amendment (Dawn News)
ITA National Education Policy 2016 - Consultative Meeting (ASER Facebook)
ITA Minorities Day- Equal Rights for non-Muslims demanded (Express Tribune)
ITA Efforts against child marriages must be beyond legislation (Dawn News)
ITA Education in Emergencies Requires Long-Term Support (Dubai Cares)
ITA Malala urges world to cut eight days of military spending (Dawn News)
ITA Improving standards- Technical education syllabus to be upgraded (The Express Tribune)
ITA Schooling and Social Change in Pakistan (Project Syndicate)
ITA Rights of child- Survey of child labour expected by August (Express Tribune)
ITA Financial motives- End child labour boost exports (Express Tribune)
ITA Legislative lobbying- Protection of Women Bill protects no one (Express Tribune)
ITA Child marriage law has many loopholes (Dawn Newspaper)
ITA Youth, teachers forums launched to study edu policy (Daily Nation)
ITA 387 'ambassadors' to oversee implementation of national education policy (Pakistan Observer)
ITA 'Forums' launched for teachers, students to study NEP (Business Recorder)
ITA ادارہ تعلیم و آگہی ، پاکستان الائنس آف انڈیپنڈنٹ سکولز نے یوتھ اور اساتذہ فورمز کا آغاز کر دیا (Daily Dunya)
ITA کم عمری کی شادی قانونی سے زیادہ سماجی ایشو ہے۔ مقررین   (Jang News, June 07, 2015)
ITA تعلیم کا بجٹ بڑھانے کا فیصلہ ، لیپ ٹاپ سکیم کیلئے 5 ارب رکھنے کی تجویز   (Jang News, June 03, 2015)
  Dialogue on Private Sector & Educational Challenges of Balochistan
ITA غیر حاضر اساتذہ اور بوگس سکولوں کے خلاف کاروائی کی جا رہی ہے۔ سیکرٹری تعلیم
ITA غیر سرکاری تنظیموں کے تعاون سے معیا ر تعلیم بہتر بنایا جا سکتا ہے۔ عبد الصبور کاکڑ
ITA Quetta: Secretary Education Abdul Saboor Kakar speaking to a seminar organized by KWS (The Balochistan Times, Quetta, May 30, 2015)
ITA Work hard, forget short-cuts, students advised (Express Tribune, May 24, 2015)
ITA PEF, World Bank discuss education reforms (Express Tribune, May 24, 2015)
ITA UNESCO Declares Bolivia Free of Illiteracy - telesur
ITA New report reveals one-tenth of all children enrolled in madressahs - Dawn News
ITA Parho Punjab Barho Punjab, scheme launched - Dawn News
ITA Chanan South Asia Partnership, Pakistan Vol.11,No.6 - (Mahanama Chanan, February, 2015)
ITA Street Becomes 'Classrrom' - (Express Tribune, March 24, 2015)
ITA Rewritten Revised textbooks distributed to schools in K-P - (Express Tribune, March 24, 2015)
ITA Prioritising; Education budget must only be second to defence - (Express Tribune, March 24, 2015)
ITA Lack of private sector input leading to policy slippage - (Express Tribune, March 19, 2015)
ITA Most low-cost schools need improvement - (Dawn News, March 19, 2015)
ITA Gender Equality and Earth’s Future
ITA کم سن بچیوں سے شادی یا نکاح پر پابندی کیلئے ترمیمی مسودہ قانون پنجاب اسمبلی میں پیش - (Jahan Pakistan - March 4, 2015)
ITA PMTA demands for unbiased National Education Policy, curriculum and textbooks - Pakistan Christian Post, February 13, 2015
ITA Thousands take part in Dubai Cares Walk for Education - A World at School, February 10, 2015
ITA Malala Fund purchases land for girls college - The Express Tribune, January 18, 2015
ITA 'Education emergency': Countrywide enrolment drive on the cards - The Express Tribune, January 17, 2015
ITA Inspirational book: ‘I am Malala’ to be taught at US university - The Express Tribune, January 15, 2015
ITA About 5.4 million children are out of schools all over country: Sarwar - Business Recorder
ITA Governor concerned about out-of-school children - Dawn News
ITA USAID, training for a better Pakistan - Daily Times
ITAPakistan's schools of sorrow
They began the day in their school uniforms, they ended it in burial shrouds. On the morning of December 16, 2014, it was exam time at the Army Public School in Peshawar and most of the students were inside the examination hall where they would take their tests.

The night before, there must have been much cramming, much last minute memorisation, much anxiety about how they would fare.

Their minds would have been focused on doing the best they could, scoring the highest marks. They did not expect to die.
ITA Statement by Gordon Brown on Pakistan School Attack
ITAMalala, The Nobel Peace prize Winner 2014
Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan and Kailash Satyarthi of India on Wednesday received the Nobel Peace Prize for risking their lives to fight for children's rights. Malala, the youngest ever Nobel winner age 17, and Satyarthi, age 60, collected the award at a ceremony in the Norwegian capital to a standing ovation.
ITA Heroes of the day: Malala and Kailash Satyarthi - Dawn News, December 11, 2014
ITA Rally pays tribute to Malala - The News, December 11, 2014
ITA As Malala receives Nobel Peace Prize, KP Assembly returns resolution congratulating her - The News, December 11, 2014
ITA Malala receives Nobel Peace Prize - The News, December 11, 2014
ITA Malala Yousufzai paid tribute for her struggle and sacrifice - Daily Times, December 11, 2014
ITA OSLO: Malala Yousufzai and Kailash Satyarthi present their medals during the Nobel Peace Prize-awarding ceremony in Norway - Daily Times, December 11, 2014
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ITA Report on girls education launched - Daily Times
ITA Universal Education Stressed for every child - Dawn News
ITA Status of an Education - 8pm With Fareeha - WAQT News
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ITA Sindh's apathy towards its children reflects in the education curriculum
ITA Rs 940bn plan launched for education children aged five to 16 - Dawn National Page 02. Tuesday, September 30, 2014
ITA Too many projects, too little literacy in Punjab - Dawn Metropolitan Lahore September 8, 2014
ITA Without instilling the comprehensive notion of literacy in the future government policies & financial plans,our society won't be able to sustain for long - Express Tribune
ITA ASER sets about finding disability factor - Dawn Lahore, Friday September 5, 2014
ITA DFID funding 105 million pounds for the construction of 23,000 new classrooms in schools in Punjab - Dawn News, Aug 31, 2014
ITA What is the most blatant lie taught through Pakistan textbooks? - Dawn News, Aug 15, 2014
ITA The language conundrum - The News
ITA Conflict Alert: Protecting Pakistan’s Threatened Democracy
ITA Schools with no students, students without schools - Dawn News
ITA Education analysis: As compared to other major cities, students of Karachi show the least progress, Express Tribune, July 29, 2014
ITA Her right to education: Gender inequality major hurdle in access to education - The Express tribune
ITA Sindhi textbooks: The invisible women, By Attiya Dawood, July 31, 2014 at 10:21pm
ITA In this madrasa, boys and girls sit together and speak English - The Indian Express, July 19, 2014
ITA Malala: Boko Haram 'misusing the name of Islam' - BBC News
ITA Report sounds alarm bells over education crisis, calls for reforms - Dawn Lahore Thursday July 10, 2014
ITA Out- of -School to reach grade 5 in 40 months - Express Tribune Lahore Thursday July 10, 2014
ITA The Unknown state of education: Lack of timely reporting, inconsistent data make educational policy making an uphill task. - The Express Tribune - Dawn Lahore, Sunday July 6, 2014
ITA 5 Percent of Children in Azad Jamu & Kashmir are still out of School - Express Tribune Lahore, Monday July 7, 2014
ITA Parha Likha Punjab: Rs30.9 billion uplift budget for Education - The Express Tribune
ITA Education Budget upholds Govt's priority budget. - The Express Tribune
ITA Rs 145bn allocated for education in Sindh Budget - Dawn News
ITA Punjab nudges up as the rest of the country stagnates - The Express Tribune
ITA Children's Literature Festival Islamabad 2014:For the Love of Books - Dawn News
ITA Political Parties Vow to Support Primary Education - Dawn News
ITA Evening Classes proposed for out of school children - Express Tribune
ITA Capital leads the pack in mixed bag of district education index - Express Tribune
ITA Education Bill needs exhaustive discourse - Dawn News
ITA Enrolment Drive : School is Fun - Express Tribune
ITA Free and compulsory education is now a law - Dawn News
ITA Education Policy 'Consider climate change and urban development ' - The express Tribune
ITA Education Policy 'Funds, incentives needed for primary, girls education ' - The express Tribune
ITA Walk Marks 'Education For All' Week - Dawn News
ITA Exams Commission only being reformed - Express Tribune
ITA 'Build capacity then legislate for right to education' - Dawn News
ITA Seminar in collaboration with Lahore College for Women University
  January 07, 2014

Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (Centre for Education and Consciousness) in collaboration with Lahore College for Women University, Lahore organized a seminar on “Teacher Characteristics, Actions and Perceptions: What Matters for Student Achievement in Pakistan?” at Lahore College for Women University, Lahore. Approximately 100 participants attend the said seminar.

Dr. Monazza Aslam and Baela Raza Jamil shared the findings of said research with participants. The discussion during the seminar focused on teacher attitudes and opinions, provided more holistic approach to researching teacher effectiveness and its impact on student learning in future.

ITA Dubai Cares, The Citizens Foundation to Co-host Art Exhibition and Gala Dinner to Raise Funds for a School in Pakistan.
ITA Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai meets with Queen Elizabeth at palace (CNN)
IPL Global Messages of Inclusion and Local Exclusion – The Case of Curriculum Closures in Punjab - Baela Raza Jamil
IPL Extreme myopia - Faisal Bari
IPL Belief systems: Where are the values? - Ismat Riaz
IPL MLA Mehnaz Wali appreciates ITA and NCHD’s role for education development - Pamir Times
IPL Call to involve teachers in policy-making - The News
  SPEAKERS at an event held in connection with the World Teachers Day stressed the need of teachers’ involvement in policy-making and offering them respect and trust to enable them to become true agent of change in society.
IPL 'Teachers have abandoned classrooms' - Express Tribune
IPL Call for protecting teachers rights - Dawn News
  LAHORE, Oct 7: Society needs to free teachers from fear and offer them due respect, trust and protection to help them become agents for its transformation.
IPL Protest against Disitrict Education Authority is unjustifed - Jahan Pakistan
IPL Teachers & bureaucrats - Dr Faisal Bari   (The News)
IPL VIEW: On teachers and teaching - Dr Faisal Bari   (Daily Times)
IPL Reprofiling teachers - Baela Raza Jamil   (The News)
IPL Remembering Sister Zinia - Zubeida Mustafa   (Dawn)
ITA Re-profiling Teachers in Pakistan for Quality Education - World Teachers Day 2013
ITA Asian and Pacific Countries Adopt Ground-Breaking Agenda on Population, Development and Rights
ITA Literacy Day – efforts to go pass 'nervous 60s' - DAWN News
ITA Dubai Cares establishes education environment in Pakistan ( Khaleej Times )
ITA To teach a child - Dr. Baela Raza Jamil (The News)
Survey on status of education in Pakistan - ASER
ITA Compulsory Education (Dunya News - Urdu)'
ITA compulsory Education (Express News - Urdu)
ITA Survey on education status starts - The Nation
ITA Survey on status of education in Pakistan starts - Business Recorder
ITA Edu status survey launched - Pakistan Observer
ITA Baithaks: 'Education through community-building' - The Express Tribune
ITA Gender disparity in Balochistan jeopardises girls' education - Pakistan Today
ITA De-escalation on the LoC is an Urgent Priority - Jinnah Institute
ITA The Taliban is not the biggest barrier to education for Malala's peers - Kevin Watkins
ITA Housework not homework for millions of children in Malala’s Pakistan - IRIN
ITA Universal education: NGOs doing state's job, but for how long? - By Myra Iqbal - Express Tribune
ITA The invisible and urgent challenge of learning - By Dr Rukmini Banerji
ITA Child Labor at homes is the worst form of slave, Government must apply restrictions - Child Rights Movement - Jang News
ITA Child Labor is the worst form of slave - Child Rights Movement - Express Tribune
ITA No Policy to protect child domestic help - Express Tribune
ITA No Policy to protect child domestic help - Express Tribune
ITA Pakistan among countries with child labour issues - The News
ITA Malala Yousafzai receives peace award from Irish
ITA Angelina Jolie helps Malala school fund
ITA In Pakistan: Human rights? or wrongs?
ITA Senate body discuss School Curriculum
ITA Education: more funds not the solution
ITA Political agendas: Education as a stepping stone
ITA Right to education draft law sent to PA
ITA Gender inequality: Right to Free Education bill draft sent to PA secretariat
ITA ALEC-Backed Laws Promote Controversial Charter Schools
ITA NGO rehabilitates seven public-sector schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
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ITA 18 employers inflicted extreme violence against child workers, 13 resulted in deaths and 5 in serious injuries in the last two year. 91 percent of female domestic workers say they have suffered sexual abuse"
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ITA Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies - Marking the International Day for Disaster Reduction 13 October 2011
ITA Seminar on ‘strategic directions in education’
ITA Award Ceremony at Mohatta Palace Karachi
ITA FTI changes its name, logo and mandate
ITA Dr. Allah Bakhsh Malik, Secretary of the Department of Literacy & Non-Formal Education Punjab, Pakistan was awarded the Honorable Mention of the UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy
ITA Invitation for a Press Conference on the Announcement of the Children’s Literature Festival (CLF) 22 September 2011 at 12.00 noon Founders: Ameena Saiyid and Baela Jamil
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ITA Ending Islamic Solidarity in Post 9/11 Pakistan: New Restrictions on Migrants
ITA Prevention and Control Of Dengue Fever and Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever
ITA British Pakistan Foundation Newsletter - August 2011 - Earlier in the year, British Pakistan Foundation donated over 300,000 pounds to support high impact projects
ITA Female illiteracy: 41% of Pakistani girls fail to complete primary school — Maha Mussadaq - ISLAMABAD: Approximately 41% of Pakistani girls fail to complete primary schooling, according to a report published by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) and American NGO Results
ITA Mainstreaming minorities - Peter Jacob - Accumulated legal and other discriminations have made this year’s experience forthe minorities one of acute social and economic marginalization
ITA Reaching 600,000 children across 9 districts in Pakistan - Karachi, July 19, 2011- “Every child takes home a message. Educating a child is not only educating one person, but rather seven to eight people connected to that child in a family” said Baela Raza Jamil, Director of the Idara-e-Taleem-O-Aagahi (ITA) at the Unilever Pakistan Sustainable Awards 2011
ITA Teachers leave for US to get training - Islamabad: Teachers selected across the country left for United States to attend professional training programme under Pakistani Education Leadership Institute (PELI) project
ITA Taskforce to revisit curricula - PUNJAB Chief Minster Mian Shahbaz Sharif has formed a taskforce for Curricula to review curricula being followed at school level across the province
ITA Child Rights. TV - takes you to the Remand Home in Karachi. Remand home has been constituted under Sindh Children Act as a place of safety where
ITA Education Standard - Yesterday I spent my day at a village called Rawani (21 kms from Multan) where we (ITA/SAFED) are piloting a program to improve a citizen led improvement in learning skills
ITA BoP to provide Rs 250m soft loan to PEF - Lahore—The Bank of Punjab (BoP) has allocated an amount of Rs. 250 million for the distribution of soft loans among the eligible schools partnered with the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF)
ITA Remembering MF: Lust for life, Baela Raza Jamil - I do not know whether to mourn or celebrate M.F. Husain’s passage to the next space he has occupied as an eternal wanderer and the creator of unique images for humankind
ITA Education Emergency declared in Pakistan (Part I), Baela Raza Jamil - Pakistan has declared an Education Emergency in 2011! The Pakistan Education Task Force (PETF) co chaired by Mrs. Shahnaz Wazir Ali, Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Social Sectors
ITA 'Building' money in education... again - The writer is director of the Green Economics Initiative at Shirkat Gah Can the government work against the interests of other agencies under the same government
ITA Pakistan Army's one-day spending of Rs. 1.35 billion is equivalent to Pakistan's one-year Education budget - ISLAMABAD: Pakistan spends Rs1.35 billion per day over the three armed forces just under the head of salaries and operating expenses only, Rs8.60 million daily on the president and prime minister, Rs7.8 million per day on the Senate and National Assembly but a paltry amount of three lakh rupees per day to take care of human rights, show the budget documents
ITA Focus on Education for Girls - As the world last week celeberated Global Action Week (GAW) for Education for All(EFA) 2011, various national and organisations held dialogues, competitions and walks
ITA Speaker Session in ITA's ACCESS Centers Lahore - On 19th and 20th April Mr. Willy Oppenheim the Founder and Co- Director of OMPRAKASH (connecting volunteers, class rooms and communities) visited respectively ITA’s Access centers of Lahore; Sanjan Nagar Public Education Trust Higher Secondary School and CDG Girls High School Allama Iqbal Lahore
ITA Poster and Movie Session in ACCESS Program - On 7th and 21st April, 2011, movie   Poster shows were held at Sanjan Nagar Girls Higher Secondary School Yohanabad Lahore and CDG Girls High School Allama Iqbal Lahore respectively
ITA A 'CAMAL' project in education -Though this initiative has been well taken by the elite private schools, it is yet to creep in the public schools and low-cost private institutions
ITA What education reforms? - Hardly anyone in Pakistan would disagree that: a) getting education right to ensure quality education for all children in Pakistan is a very important goal for our national survival and future, b) education is currently in a mess and needs major reforms, and c) this should have priority for our government
ITA 43 percent children in rural Punjab unable to read - The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) Pakistan 2010, a sample survey to assess the learning outcomes of school-going age (3-16 years) children, has revealed that as high as 67 percent children in 13 districts (rural) in Punjab are not able to read sentences in English.
ITA Leadership urged to shun traditional politics to curb out a new South Asia - Human right activists and civil society leaders from all eight SAARC countries at a seminar in the city today held soul searching discussions on how to expedite regional integration breaking apart the shackle of elite run traditional politics
ITA ASER Pakistan 2010 report Launch - The South Asian Forum for Education Development (SAFED) and Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) is launching “Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) Pakistan (Rural) - 2010 at Planning Commission auditorium, P-Block, Pakistan Secretariat, Islamabad, on Monday January 17, 2010