SASI's work across Pakistan is governed by our vision and our core philosophy. We want a thriving ecosystem where all schools become top tier academic institutions providing the best possible education to our country's youth.


We envision a prosperous nation that can progress forward and give all children regardless of their socio-economic background, equal opportunities through quality education that can enable them to realize their full potential and become responsible citizens. Core Philosophy.

Core Philosophy

We are striving to create change through quality education. We understand the needs of our low-cost schools, the challenges they face and are committed to finding them the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. Realizing the deep potential in Pakistan's sector we are dedicated to making our vision a reality. Collaborations and teamwork is at the heart of our venture and thus is crucial for our success. SASI team believes in not only designing an education strategy but is result-oriented and thus is driven to achieve despite the hurdles faced.