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An initiative of the renowned civil society organization, Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi, the Aagahi School System is a unique education system that aims at improving the lives of needy children. Established in 2006, the school has the aim of providing quality learning to all underprivileged communities residing in the Qila Gujjar Singh region of Lahore. Spread over a small area of 6,750 square feet, the school has a purpose-built building with 5 classrooms and a well-stocked library to facilitate all young children. With a strong belief in maintaining a good education standard, the school provides its teachers with regular trainings to keep them in line with interactive new pedagogies and classroom management methods. With strong ties with the local community, Aagahi School System provides a well-maintained environment where young minds can grow and prosper.

School Type:Private
School Level:Primary
Establishment Year:2006
Student Attendance:66%
Girl-Boy% Ratio:33%-67%
Teacher Attendance:90%
% of Free Students:3%
School Fee Bracket:
Physics Labs:0
Chemistry Labs:0
Computer Labs:0
Biology Labs:0
Space Per Child in Class:26.9 sq. ft.
Total Area of School:6,750 sq. ft.

Aagahi School System

4 Abdul Karim Road, Lahore Qila Gujar Singh


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