Welcome to Allama Iqbal Montessori and Elementary School

Allama Iqbal Montessori and Elementary School is located in the Pirwadhai locality of Rawalpindi. Run by an ambitious group of female teachers and management, the school operates through two, well-kept branches. To enable education provision at an affordable fee was the main motive behind the school's creation. With dedicated efforts by the school, Allama Iqbal Montessori and Elementary School now caters to 323 students. By providing a colorful, scholastic atmosphere, the school encourages and grooms children to strive for a better life. It has a progressive attitude for educational advancement and hopes to expand operations in the future.

School Type:Private
Student Attendance:90%
Girl-Boy% Ratio:44%-56%
Teacher Attendance:89%
% of Free Students:1%
% of Concession Students:65%
School Fee Bracket:
Physics Labs:0
Chemistry Labs:0
Computer Labs:1
Biology Labs:0
Space Per Child in Class:5,57 sq. ft.
Total Area of School:4,050 sq. ft.
Size of Play Ground:0 sq. ft.

Allama Iqbal Montessori And Elementary School


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