Balad-ul-Ilm School System - Harbanspura Campus

The BISS is an Islamic English Medium School, sponsored by Al-Tehreem Educational Society. The goal of the Al-Tehreem Educational Society is to develop an institution which would provide vigorous education to comparable to leading schools in Pakistan. The Harbanspura Campus is a new addition to the BISS network initiated in 2013. Armed with the vision of providing quality education like other branches, it has a dedicated management and teaching staff that strives to spread the seeds of education across Lahore.

School Type:Private
School Level:Elementary
Establishment Year:2013
Student Attendance:94%
Girl-Boy% Ratio:58%-42%
Teacher Attendance:97%
% of Free Students:13%
School Fee Bracket:
Physics Labs:0
Chemistry Labs:0
Computer Labs:0
Biology Labs:0
Space Per Child in Class:16.26 sq. ft.
Total Area of School:5,500 sq. ft.
Size of Play Ground:1800 sq. ft.

Balad ul Ilm School System

Pulley No.5, - Near Harbanspura


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