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Welcome to Cute Kids Campus

Cute Kids Campus commenced its operations in 2002 with a primary mission of imparting low-cost quality education to the masses of the community in Dhoke Hassu. Mr. Sajid Ramay and her sister Ms. Farzana Aziz laid the foundation of the school but couldn't engage targeted set of people and incurred recurring losses. Therefore, they decided to pass the ownership of the school to Mr. Shahid Aziz who employed a relatively competitive educational model that influenced the community members and increased the population of students on steady basis. Currently, school hosts 188 students from surrounding areas.

School Type:Private
School Level:Elementry
Establishment Year:2002
Student Attendance:91%
Girl-Boy% Ratio:40%-60%
Teacher Attendance:1%
% of Free Students:6%
% of Concession Students:0%
School Fee Bracket:
Physics Labs:0
Chemistry Labs:0
Computer Labs:2
Biology Labs:0
Space Per Child in Class:15.3 sq. ft.
Total Area of School:3600 sq. ft.

Cute Kids Campus

ZB-309, Street # 1, Gulshan Data

0314-5338277, 0312-5828521

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