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Government Girls High School (GGHS), Jalala was established in 1960 as a primary school for girls. Starting off as a primary school, the school has progressed since inception, targeting female education in its community. At the moment, the school has a total female, student strength of 703. Considering the socio-cultural environment of Jalala, Takht Bhai, the large student number is a commendable achievement. To promote GGHS, Jalala's mission of encouraging female education, land for the school was donated by one the community members at the time of inception. With dedicated teachers, the school consistently attracts female students from the community.

School Type:Public
School Level:Secondary
Establishment Year:1960
Student Attendance:85%
Girl-Boy% Ratio:100%-0%
Teacher Attendance:80%
% of Free Students:10%
% of Concession Students:34%
Physics Labs:0
Chemistry Labs:1
Computer Labs:0
Biology Labs:0
Space Per Child in Class:4.55 sq. ft.
Total Area of School:11,701 sq. ft.
Size of Play Ground:972 sq. ft.

Government Girls High School (GGHS)

Government Girls High School, Jalala, Takht Bhai, Mardan


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