Welcome to Government High School Kanju

Government High School Kanju was established in 1964 to offer free-of-cost education to the boys. The school is supported by the Social Welfare Academics and Trainings for Pakistan. At present, there are 684 students were enrolled at the school. Teachers at the school are very hard working and eager to work for the betterment of education in the district. Located away from the main city, the school campus is located in a peaceful environment that allows for concentrated studying to be done. While student strength is high at the school, it proves advantageous as a competitive environment is nurtured for the students.

School Type:Government
School Level:Secondary
Establishment Year:1964
Student Attendance:82%
Girl-Boy% Ratio:%-100%
Physics Labs:1
Chemistry Labs:0
Computer Labs:1
Biology Labs:0
Space Per Child in Class:5 sq. ft.
Total Area of School:18,000 sq. ft.

Government High School, Kanju

Government High School Kanju, Swat


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