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Light School System was established in 2009. Located in the rural settlements of Essa Nigri Village of Sheikhupura, its aim is simple and far-reaching - spread the seeds of literacy amongst underprivileged communities of the village. The school currently is providing affordable quality education to 196 students by a committed management and teaching faculty of 10 professionals. With strong ties in the community, Light School System is an engaging education structure that is dedicated to providing the best quality education that can empower low-income livelihoods. To provide a productive learning environment for all its students, Light School System is partnered with the international philanthropic organization Starfish Asia that is dedicated in improving the lives of children in Pakistan. Starfish was registered Read More

School Type:Private
School Level:Secondary
Establishment Year:2009
Girl-Boy% Ratio:41%-59%
% of Free Students:10%
% of Concession Students:10%
School Fee Bracket:
Physics Labs:0
Chemistry Labs:0
Computer Labs:0
Biology Labs:0
Space Per Child in Class:2 sq. ft.
Total Area of School:4087.5 sq. ft.

Light School System

Jandla, Road, marajpura, Essa Nigri, Sheikhupura

0306 4131636

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