HAMQADAM project

LifebuoyTelenor & ITA hands in hands for volunteerism”"In context to Telenor’s HAMQADAM project ( 20 hours volunteerism by Telenor's employees), Presently, 10 -12 volunteers of different units are contributing in terms of teaching the underprivileged students in
ITA's partner government schools and Agahi Drop In Centre Abdul Karim Road Lahore. Telenor's volunteers who are contributing presently in

ITA's partner public schools are as follows:

Jalil Qadir Sukhera - Postpaid Operation Executive
Syed Adnan Ali Bukhari - Postpaid Operation Executive
Sana Batool Rizvi - Postpaid Operation Executive
Kanwal Aslam - Astt. Manager Pospaid
Minah Zaman - Postpaid Opoeration Officer
Alia Akram - Postpaid Operation Executive
Huma Akhlaq - Postpaid Operation Officer
Aneela Taimoor - Customer Relation Officer
Taimoor Mehmood - Postpaid Operation Executive
Waqar Yazdani - Postpaid Backend Officer
Salman Masood - Astt. Manager Postpaid Service
Shoaib Ahmad - Postpaid Operation Officer

Few more volunteers will join ITA to contribute voluntary services for the promotion of quality education and uplifting of underprivillaged children under Telenor's Hamqadam Program that allows its employees to work  on voluntary basis for the betterment of deserving communitites as a mendatary part of their jobs. On the other hand, ITA's partner public schools welcome them to facilitate their teachers wherever it is required.Students also enjoy interaction with volunteers, their different teaching style and activities.Volunteers not only have session with working children on life skills but subject based teaching and facilitation is also being done by them in following ITA's partner public & private schools of Lahore:
CDG Primary School Mustafabad No. 2 Lahore

Agahi Education School Qila Gujjar Singh Lahore
Agahi Drop in Center Qila Gujjar Singh Lahore
Support and facilitation in students' activities under the campaign of "HEALTHY PAKISTAN MISSION 2011" where 50 public and private schools participated in the event
Govt. Primary School chowk Nawab Saab Lahore
CDG Girls High School Paisa Akhbar Lahore
Govt. Girls Middle School Masti Gate Lahore