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E-Newsletter October 2023


Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) or the “Centre of Education and Consciousness” Public Trust, established in 2000, is a civil society organization focused on addressing the profound education crisis of Pakistan through action and policy research, service-delivery and advocacy. ITA has been a strong education champion across Pakistan with field programs covering complex aspects of: Access, Learning, Quality, Evaluating Low-Cost Private Schools, Inclusion, Child Protection, Gender Justice and Education, Tolerance, Citizenship, Health and Hygiene Interventions, and Technical and Vocational Training Programs with government, communities and public and private school systems.


Idara-e-Taleem-o- Aagahi (ITA) organized provincial training for master trainers in Sindh and conducted district training for volunteers across all provinces. The on-paper data collection for the ASER 2023 rural survey is now finalized in all provinces. The ASER survey application successfully underwent testing and happily the final version is now accessible on the Play Store. Mobile data collection has commenced through the ASER App in the designated districts. PBS supplied the urban sample for data collection, and spot checks were carried out in ongoing data collection villages for monitoring purposes.

Pakistan Literacy Project (PLP)

In our monthly update, the Pakistan Literacy Project (PLP) Teams in Lahore and Bahawalpur made significant efforts, visiting 34 libraries across partner schools.
This collaborative effort with District Education Authorities and school administrations has nurtured a reading culture, impacting both love for reading and crucial skills. Beyond academics, it fosters community-school connections, transforming education positively. World Teachers Day was celebrated joyously in partner schools with heartfelt student expressions. The Community Resource Group (CRG) played a pivotal role in sustaining PLP's child-friendly libraries. In this month's meetings, school staff engaged parents in reading activities, emphasizing volunteers' roles and inviting active participation. CRG remains a platform for community dedication to library engagement. A book donation drive on Global Ismaili CIVIC Day showcased the Ismaili Jamat's generosity, benefiting PLP partner schools. Additionally, Book group's colorful book donation to 17 libraries in government primary schools in Lahore excited students and encouraged reading and sharing among siblings.

Multi Year Resilience program (MYRP)

Kitab Gari

Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) in collaboration with implementing partner, VSO have successfully concluded a comprehensive refresher training for Education Champions on Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Continuous Learning Program (CLP). Additionally, formal school teachers in Quetta and Chaghi received training on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), life skills, and inclusive education, aiming to enhance access to quality education for all, including refugee and vulnerable children. This training phase also involved consultations with education officials regarding the education sector plans of Baluchistan

Pakistan Literacy Festival (PLF)

In October, the Lahore Science Mela took center stage with Kitab Gari Lahore presenting "Unlocking Minds, Inspiring Futures" at Crescent Model Higher Secondary School on the 28th and 29th. Over two days, kids immersed in innovative learning through storytelling sessions, including Zahra Bokhariya sharing "Knowledge in the Ocean." Notable storytellers like Laiba Ali “Young Author Award” (YAA) winner 2022-2023 and Arisha Ali conducted engaging sessions and puppet shows, covering origami, arts, crafts, and exciting ITA Publications at the Kitab Gari activities.


In October, ITA celebrated Incredible Teachers with a special talk on World Teachers' Day, showcasing achievements and challenges. On the International Day of the Girl child, ITA empowered girls to voice their rights and well-being, featuring inspiring stories from various schools. Mental Health Day saw awareness sessions in PEF/PEIMA schools, promoting healthy mindsets and lifestyles. Successful door-to-door enrolment campaigns registered over 500 new students, with DEA verifying 85% by MEA’s and over 90% by AEO’s. Formative assessments for 2023 took place across all schools. ITA district teams organized online training refreshers covering Lesson Plan, STEM/Climate change, TaRL, ECE, and SLO for PEF/PEIMA teachers. Grandparent and community engagement events emphasized the community's role in school development, with regular parent-teacher meetings addressing students’ progress. Two districts received community support for school maintenance during this period.

Young Omang

The young Omang team participated actively in the meeting in the Month of October. They discussed the progress of last quarter tasks and planned activities for next quarter and presented the progress to authorities. Furthermore, a comprehensive media campaign was crafted for upcoming event.