Campaign to End Child Domestic Labor

A National Campaign by Child Champions of Pakistan #ENDCDL

#ENDCDL is a Children led nation-wide campaign initiated by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) in collaboration with many Child Rights organizations and individuals who are committed to ensuring Protection & Entitlements to, ALL Children of Pakistan. It is a comprehensive program to ENDCDL by empowering the adolescent children (10-18) (10% only 19-24). The Child Champions are adolescent children belonging to all strata and school systems of Pakistan whose capacity is being built to demand END To Child Domestic Labor as the Worst Forms of Child Labor (WFCL) which is behind closed doors and girls are in majority (90%). Their invisibility increases their vulnerability and potential violence; it is feared that during COVID-19 CDL will increase disproportionately when the poorest will simply place their children to severely compromised and cruel forms of child labor including CDL, often with little wages. CDL is a violation of 25 A Right to Education; Many Fundamental Rights of the Constitution of Pakistan; SDGs (multiple); CRC and other International Conventions to which Pakistan is a signatory including ILO Convention 182 on Worst forms of Child Labor (WFCL)


The Data & Facts




Child Champions (age group 10-18)

We have 85 Child Champions (60 % Girls and 40 % Boys) from Both govt. and Private schools across Pakistan (Punjab, KP, Sindh) registered as Child Champions with parent’s consent forms filled out; Another 20 Child Champions are awaited, after we receive parents’ consent form

  •  We have 50 Child Champions (60 % Girls and 40 % Boys) from Both govt. and Private schools across Pakistan (Punjab, KP, Sindh) registered as Child Champions with parent’s consent forms filled out;
  •  Another 20 Child Champions are awaited, after we receive parents’ consent form


Consent Form for Child Champions by Parents/Guardians


Child Champions Profiles

Raaya Raza Jamil

Raaya Raza Jamil

Legislation Group



Huraira Ahmad

Huraira Ahmad


Rahim Yar Khan


Muhammad Abdullah

Muhammad Abdullah

Posters and Writing




Major Sub-Groups Formed & Activated (WhatsApp)

The Campaign comprises of 4 major interconnected sub-groups for capacity building that deal with different aspects to ensure change from bottom to top. Every group has dedicated mentors and assistants:

1 - Poster Group

Mentor: Ms. Maria Riaz - Illustrator and Author Champions Registered: 20 25 Posters Generated with Key Messages

2 - Social Media Group

Mentor: Ms. Nuria Iqbal (lawyer/activist) & Mahnoor Sheikh (Media Specialist) Assistant: ITA Media Teams Champions Registered: 20 Social Media Campaign Kit Developed

3 - Advocacy Letters Group

Mentor: Baela Raza Jamil & Syed Miqdad- Naeem Sadiq refining key ASKS Champions Registered: 10 Draft Letters to the Prime Minister ; President– Chief Ministers; Labor, Education Ministers, Governors; Chief Justices & Ombudsman

4 - Legislation Group

Mentor: Syed Miqdad, Amjad Nazir, Nuria Iqbal (Lawyers and Child Rights Activists) Champions Registered: 10 2 Major Sessions held of over 2 hours with children

Amendment Proposed to the Constitution by Naeem Sadiq:

11.3 Article 11(3) of the Constitution of Pakistan be amended to read: "No child below the age of sixteen years shall be engaged in any form of child labour, in any capacity, in a house hold, factory, mine, kiln, shop, establishment or any other type of employment. Children from 16 to 18 years may work only in Non-Hazardous Occupations, with well-defined code of working conditions, hours and wages defined in a written contract."


Eminent Leaders with the Campaign

Sarah Ahmed (PTI) : Chairperson Child Welfare Protection Bureau

Ms. Asia Salih Khattak (MPA KP )

Aisha Chaudhry (PTI: MPA Punjab – Chair for Standing Committee on Education)

Individuals/experts from different background has shown keen interest in the campaign and supporting us through and through by spreading awareness through their socials and mobilizing community

  •  Mr. Ali Noor, Mr. Ali Hamza & Ms. Nadia Jamil (Media & Showbiz)
  •  Safdar Raza, Ms. Maryam BiBi, Ms. Valarie (Child Rights Activists)
  •  Naeem Sadiq – Famous Advocate to End Gun Culture and Child Rights Activist
  •  Samar Minallah; Fauzia Minallah; Rumana Husain; Shadab Zeest Hashmi;
  •  Syed Miqdaad, Nuria Iqbal and Amjad Nazir (Lawyers)



Posters and Slogans Mentors


Legislation Mentors




Media Partners/Journalists

  •  Zubeida Mustafa
  •  Zofeen Ibraheem
  •  Xari Jalil


Posters Designed by the Child Champions



  •  Ù…یں کیسے کہوں اپنی ماں سے مجھے پڑھنا ہے جو روز کہ Ú©Û’ سُلاتی ہے صبح کام پر چلنا ہے
  •  Ù…یرے گھر میں جاتے رہیں پیسے یہی مجبوری ہے ماں کہتی ہے پڑھائی تو امیروں Ú©Û’ لئے ضروری ہے
  •  Ù…یرا مقدر ہے گھروں Ú©ÛŒ صفائی ابّا کہتے ہیں بھاڑ میں جائے پڑھائی
  •  Ù…جھے ابھی ملازمت Ú©ÛŒ نہیں تعلیم اور تربیت Ú©ÛŒ ضرورت ہے


Media Coverage

Naeem Sadiq


Films /Animations on CDL and CL

We had created the following short animated film to raise awareness on child labor, being employmed at home.


Project Toolkit


CDL Messages


Knowledge Laws Resources & Research


Resources for Campaigns