Corona Saviours

ITA's covid response is meant for children, parents/caregivers and teachers.

ITA’s Corona Saviours کورونا محافظ campaign aims to mobilize children and youth to spread awareness and authentic information for prevention of corona virus through making behavior change a reality. Click to register as a corona savior and find resources and guidelines to support this mission.

This campaign is aims to enable communities to face this pandemic individually & collectively in collaboration with Government, CSOs, and industry and development partners.


  •  To disseminate information through new media and digital learning solutions for learning, healing, prevention and protection through safe behavior
  •  To mobilize the influencers/champions including our goodwill ambassadors, and, children and youth champions to fight against #CoronaVirus
  •  To generate strategic public goods during this apocalyptic disruption & leapfrog education & care outcomes
  •  To support the most vulnerable groups with ration and modest livelihood opportunities
  •  To undertake rapid surveys for evidence based policy and actions