Existing Comms Material on Covid 19

Captain Care's Message on Global Handwashing Dayhttps://fb.watch/1Wk7Qv6Md9/
Vaccination during COVID-19 pandemic #VaccinesWorkhttps://fb.watch/1WkdS_7QoX/
As education finally resumes in schools across the country, it's important that teachers and the school management follow these guidelines to stop the spread of #COVID19!: https://fb.watch/1Wkf-ita8j/
Guidance for Parents - #SafeAtSchool: https://fb.watch/1WkhYzKvco/
Guidance for Children to Stay #SafeAtSchool: https://fb.watch/1WkjP6F_g-/
Captain Care - Back to School Video: https://fb.watch/1WkpOlwWrx/
Public Service Message (Health Advisory)http://covid.gov.pk/public_service_message/2
Public Service Message (Health Advisory): http://covid.gov.pk/public_service_message/1
A facemask today is better than an oxygen mask tomorrow (KP Govt): https://twitter.com/Jhagra/status/1328537737163665408
How will we fare in the second wave? It's in your hands (KP Govt): https://twitter.com/Jhagra/status/1323832079910666242
This winter, we need to change our behaviour, collectively: https://twitter.com/Jhagra/status/1323485470626508801
۶ فٹ کا فیصلہ! (KP Govt): https://twitter.com/Jhagra/status/1322111233861013504
To fear disease is natural. But not so much that we lose our humanity if we stigmatize those with disease (KP Govt): https://twitter.com/fasi_zaka/status/1324273783822319618
#coviddiaries- Meet Asim who is sharing how he developed the habit of reading books and also online research kept him busy during a lockdown: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2705830723065933
Did you know what are ventilators used for?: https://www.facebook.com/440868732600680/videos/659875817995969
Government Helpline for Covid: https://youtu.be/XzN3Rn-9gx4

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