Funded by
Dubai Cares
Implimented by
Oxfam GB & Idara_e_Taleem_o_Aagahi

Enhancing Girls Enrollment in Remote Areas of Pakistan


Despite the Pakistan government's commitments towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), progress towards has been 'offtrack'. Issues such as poor quality of education, lack of access, poverty, education not perceived to provide economic gains, traditional style of teaching, corporal punishment, and high student teacher ratio result in poor educational outcomes. It is estimated that at present, Pakistan has the third largest out of school population, accounting for 7 percent of the global absentees. Dropout rates are 31% at the primary level.

Poor school infrastructure is also reported in Pakistan and negatively affects girl's attendance in schools. According to Pakistan School Statistics (2006-7), in Punjab alone, there are 5085 girls primary schools without latrines, 5000 schools without drinking water, 14,000 lack electricity, 4000 do not have a boundary wall. An additional 32,000 school buildings need repair or have been declared dangerous.

With the financial support of Dubai Cares, Oxfam initiated a School Improvement Project titled, "Enhancing Girls Enrolment in Remote Areas of Pakistan" in four southern districts of Punjab, in collaboration with Idara Taleem o Agahi. The project includes all the components of 'Whole School Improvement Programme' which are integral towards creating a safe and enabling environment in public sector schools.

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