SOC Films for Adolescents

Protecting Our Lives through Life Skills and Empowerment

Short 5 SOC Films for Adolescents .


Menstruation continues to be a taboo in many parts of the world, this film aims to shatter the myths associated with menstruation and educate women about menstrual health.

Financial Literacy

Through this film we learn about understanding finances and making effective choices such as investing, budgeting and managing our financial resources.


A young girl named asghari talks to us about the importance of education and the many benefits that we can reap from it.

Self Awareness

This film demystifies the concept of self awareness and how one can practice it in order to live a successful life.


Taking care of our diet is very important in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this film sheds light on the concept of having a balanced diet and making the right food choices.