Partnership with SOC Films - Mobile Cinema

ITA has partnered with SOC (Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy) Films to launch mobile cinema (a fully equipped truck that has the capability to project screenings both within and outside the truck) in the targeted schools and communities. The purpose of mobile cinema is to highlight the importance of education as a tool for empowerment and raise awareness about the rights of women. Film screenings have taken place in all three districts across hubs and communities to raise awareness about the issues facing girls and increase their potential to become influential leaders.

Customized Films

Five customized short films highlighting important strands of growth for adolescent girls have been created to educate the girls & give them exposure.


Menstruation continues to be a taboo in many parts of the world, this film aims to shatter the myths associated with menstruation and educate women about menstrual health.

Financial Literacy

Through this film we learn about understanding finances and making effective choices such as investing, budgeting and managing our financial resources.


A young girl named asghari talks to us about the importance of education and the many benefits that we can reap from it.

Self Awareness

This film demystifies the concept of self awareness and how one can practice it in order to live a successful life.


Taking care of our diet is very important in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this film sheds light on the concept of having a balanced diet and making the right food choices.

Links to Other Films and Videos:

Aghaz-e-Safar: Domestic Violence

Aaghai: Domestic Violence 1

Aaghai: How to protect yourself against domestic violence

Aaghai: Forced Marriage

Aaghai: Acid Crime

Short films by Siyani Sahelian:

Beneficiary Feedback

On the third and last day of workshop when the lead trainer asked a group of girls what they had learnt from the entire process, to her surprise they said, “confidence”. One said, “Ma’am we get confidence by seeing the way you interact with everyone and sharing our stories little by little has enabled us to get rid of the shyness.”

A young teenager confided into the trainer and said, “ I have never felt heard the way I have with you, thank you for making me feel that my thoughts are valid.”

Right before our team was about to leave a hub after completing the 3-days workshop, a teacher approached the lead trainer and said, “I have never seen our girls enjoy a session as much as they did in the last three days where not just the confident ones have polished their skills but the shy ones are now participating actively. Nobody wants you to leave.”

On inquiring the importance of stories, girls came forward to explain, “Listening to other people’s stories can inspire us, give us strength that we are not alone and motivate us to keep following our dreams. Listening to our stories may do the same for others’’

Pictures and Images from Workshops