Teachers Without Frontiers

Breaking all Boundaries and Empowering Teachers across Pakistan Inspiring Teachers & Academicians with Innovative Capacity Enhancement Interventionbased on Blended Learning

Aim & Goals:   
Program Brief:

The program unfolds into interesting tiers, engaging teachers from the classroom settings to augmented training and grooming environment. The architect of the program calls on the teachers in the week long training as the headhunting task to screen potential teachers who can be groomed as Teacher Leaders. The potential teachers are groomed on an extensive period of time with cutting-edge content derived from global practices in blended learning. Exciting and novel phase engages the trained Teachers in launching the Teachers' Initiated Professional Development Program.

TWF brings together stakeholders from diverse tiers of society and geographies to contribute towards the improvement of teaching and learning in Pakistan. Doctrine of TWF springs from the idea of social movement where it binds professionals to launch a massive citizen-led professional development and growth for teachers an indispensable need. The program philosophy is underpinned on the principle of “Receive, Return back and Replenish the Resources”.
TWF simply connects the dots by inspiring individuals to contribute in the form of their time and services to the neglected phenomenon – the need to learn to teach. TWF operates on the collaborative model – building strategic partnerships to extend outreach to the under-resourced areas communities of teachers.
Professional Development Program (PDP) unfolds into coherent and well-knit tiers. The first phase links seasoned super mentors as responsible citizens with grass root level practitioners or the teachers in need. The second phase is the transformational stage mediated by an extensive training program, designed to groom a selected group of teachers from each cohort to become Super Mentors -TWF Fellows.
The third phase leverages TWF Fellows, to identify for training at least 100 teachers within their local areas/district who are in need through rigorous blended methods and learning blocks pitched at grades 5 to 9 supported through TWF. The philosophy is simple, yet inspiring; it believes in creating bridges by a hybrid face to face and technology enabled approach to build knowledge and skills of teachers across Pakistan's under-privileged areas. The teachers will become 21st century learners discovering and celebrating indigenous and global.
A Learners' Support Centre (LSC) is envisioned as a hub for teaching and learning activities, accessible to public, private and community based teachers with the aims to support knowledge and skill development activities. LSCs are developed in under-served districts of Pakistan to support and encourage teachers as learners to facilitate their knowledge and professional needs.

LSCs are being established to provide access to rich and relevant learning resources to under resourced teachers in the district. Each LSC houses a Technology Corner, Resource Room, Reading Centre and the Training Room. Most importantly, LSCs provide a sustainable model of mentoring as they extend mentoring and coaching support to the teachers.
TWF has launched a pioneering E-Learning Platform for teachers to enhance their professional development. The pioneering E-Learning platform is the first ever initiative to afford online learning opportunities – the blended learning. The E-learning platform to conduct blended learning inspires teachers to continue to attain professional growth at their own pace.
TWF envisions to revitalize the landscape of teacher training and education. As a matter of fact, TWF pitches technology at the core to drive and define teacher training in Pakistan with the opportunities to access the online repository. Broadening the e-learning experience, TWF has developed a dedicated Portal, aptly named as the Learning Chowk (chowk is the Urdu word for a town “square”) signifying a central place for learning which is accessible to everyone.
The Learning Chowk is designed as one-stop solution for teachers as continuous learners, trainers, material developers, research scholars and classroom practitioners. In addition to providing the best of local and global learning resources such as the philosophy and ethics of teaching, theories & practices, content, lesson plans, research papers, educational technology etc. the Learning Chowk also encourages virtual communities of teachers to exchange ideas and best practices.

TWF Portal

University of Waterloo Team Winners for Teachers Without Frontiers Project!
TWF is rigorously engaged in a digital literacy programme for its Fellows. As part of an international collaboration on blended learning and capacity development, the University of Waterloo is collaborating with TWF on a three month long assignment between its students and our Fellows. The project is being lead by Dr Peter Carr, professor of Dept of Management Sciences, who will supervise approx 10 students to conduct a joint research with TWF Fellows and make recommendations on most via technological solutions for the programme.

Cycle III, Teacher's Initiated Professional Development sessions