Pakistan Literacy Project

Establish “Model School Libraries” in Punjab and disseminate leveled children’s books across Pakistan to promote and develop reading habits in primary school children

About the Project

  • Establish 24 “Modern School Libraries” in Lahore and Bahawalpur districts of Punjab province under the “Pakistan Literacy Project” in partnership with Room to Read and in collaboration with the School Education Department (SED), Punjab.
  • Build capacity of teachers, field officers and community members for ensuring functional and sustainable libraries.
    Pakistan Literacy Project - Room To Read

    How We Do It?

    At the Pakistan Literacy Project (PLP), there is a dedicated team of 12 professionals from schools to district, provincial and national levels. They work closely with the local government schools, students, communities, teachers, headteachers, cluster assistant education officers (AEOs), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) at the district level. Institutional policy collaboration is ensured with provincial governments and the Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training. 


    At PLP the Governance /decision making and formal selection of Schools for model libraries, book selection and adaptation has been led by the Project Steering Committee (PSC) established by SED, Punjab and Books Adaptation Review committee by SELD in Sindh.

    -Letter of Understanding Sindh Education Literacy Department (SELD) 

    Pakistan Literacy Project - Room To Read

    The project is closely guided by the technical support of Room to Read experts

    RTR 28 Adapted Books



    Model Libraries
    in Lahore and Bahawalpur Districts(Punjab)
    Adaptation of Books in Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto and Darri
    Adaptation in Balochi under discussion
    Equipping each library with
    Books, Furniture and infrastructure
    Building Capacity of
    PERSONNEL (district/provincial) in managing active libraries for literacy.

    MOUs with 24 Selected Govt. Schools

    Need help? Call our support team at (+92) (42) 35711107-9

    Established and supporting model libraries with more than 600 titles in 24 Government Primary Schools in Lahore and Bahawalpur districts of Punjab.

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