Summer School in Lahore

Pictures of Summer Camp School in Lahore

Agahi Education School System conducted Summer Camp -Free of Any Charges

Agahi Education School System- an initiative of Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA) to rehabilitate a government abandoned school – conducted a three weeks’ summer camp at primary level free of any charges for the children of local community, studying in the school.


Agahi Education School System is situated at Qila Gujr Singh near Lahore Hotel Lahore. Four years back, there was no student in the school and was occupied by animals, ‘chowkidars’ and their families. Presently, 100 students are getting quality education in this four room facility. .  This model school was established to serve the local community which cannot afford to send their children to elite school systems for quality education. At AES, children are given not only proper early childhood education (ECE), a child friendly environment up to primary level but also provided opportunities for experiential / activity based learning
Children at AES celebrate different events and occasions e.g. Teachers’ day, Education for all (EFA) Week, Child Rights’ Day and Summer Camp etc.

Summer Camp- A Journey of Happiness:

ITA has always run summer schools since its inception in 2000.  During this summer, the students of AES School held a three weeks’ camp from June 1st 2009 to June 22, 2009.  Their theme was Wild Life in Pakistan”. The students of different grades experienced joyful learning with an integration of different subjects. They prepared a project/ model of a jungle with all wild animals under the guidance of teachers and explored useful information on the theme


Valuable Internees - A student of Beacon house School Systems, Ms. Sahar Masood worked as an Intern with ITA - involved in holding interesting activities with students relevant to their theme.

Summer Camp in ITA’s Government Partner Schools of Lahore under Public Private Partnership:
A three weeks’ summer camp was conducted in twelve ITA’s partner schools of Lahore from July 22nd 2009 to August 14th 2009 carrying themes of  “Cultural Heritage of Pakistan” and “Health & Environment”.  This activity, as mentioned earlier is synonymous with ITA’s exisitence since 2000 in its partner schools in all target districts.  

CDG Junior Model Girls High School Mochi Gate Lahore

Theme: School Based Mini Museum
No. of Students: 60 -65


The Students are working on the model of Delhi Gate Lahore – one of twelve gates of walled city


Wall painting on Cultural Heritage of Pakistan

Allama Iqbal Lahore

Theme: Photosynthesis, Respiratory System No. of Students: 60 -70

CDG Junior Model Girls  Middle School Sooter Mandi Lahore

Theme: Food Chain
No. of Students: 50


CDG Junior Model Girls  Middle School Masti Gate Lahore
Theme: School Based Mini Museum No. of Students: 70

Govt Girls Abu-l-Khair Middle School Garhi Shahu Lahore.

  Theme: Pollution






ITANo. of Students: 55







Govt. New Islamia School Garhi Shahu Lahore:
Theme: Reuse to Control Environmental Pollution
No. of Students: 50


C.D.G Junior Model Primary School Mustafa bad #2 Lahore.

Theme: Solar SystemNo. of students: 70






Quiz Competition among students