Idara E Taleem o Aagahi


Accelerating Implementation of Right to Education (Article 25-A) and SDG 4 as Social Justice

Understanding the need to track the progress made by the federal and provincial governments on SDG 4 and Right to Education, ITA is assisting the respective school education departments in the provinces of Punjab, Sindh and KP and at the federal level to inform the policy-making process.


Develop nationwide annual credible RTE 25 A & SDG 4 indicators-based education report cards through partnerships for accelerating implementation as social justice


a) Short Term: Official SDG 4 and Right to Education (RTE)/Article 25 A thematic report cards will be generated and developed to be fully owned by the government through partnerships with parliamentarians, youth, and civil society for SDG 4 & 17 (education and partnerships).

b) Medium Term: SDG 4/RTE evidence based report cards will inform provincial, national and global formal forums and all citizens of Pakistan through active advocacy synergies on progress /challenges.

c) Long Term: Report Cards on RTE and SDG 4 will become a national public good for all citizens owned, evolved and produced through partnerships across government and civil society for accountability and action for social justice.

Consultative Sessions, Trainings & Presentations