Idara E Taleem o Aagahi
Idara e Taleem o Aagahi

Documents and Presentations

Documents and Presentations

Sindh Sector Plans


SDGs and 70th UN General Assembly Meeting 2015

Qingdao Declaration – International Conference on ICT and Post-2015 Education

Federal Budget 2015-16 Highlights & Comments

Economic Survey 2014-15

Learn Smart Pakistan (LSP)

Punjab Growth Strategy 2018

Manila Conference (3 to 5 December, 2014)

UN Resolution on Ending Child Marriages (Nov. 21 2014)

Joint UNICEF-CSO Statement on Rights of the Child

Research on the present Pakistani textbooks published in 2013-2014

Education from Pakistan






  • ECEThe ToffeeTV team put together a fact-file to help our little friends learn about a few things to feel good about! Here’s a little something from us to all of you!

  • Here’s a sneak peek into an upcoming story we’ve produced called Naqli Bahaduri – Coming soon only on!
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