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Education Emergency
the AI - Call to Action

Pakistan Education Emergency the AI - Call to Action

Dear Citizens, Political and Civil Service Colleagues and Activists

Almost 300 of us were a witness to the very distinguished and sobering declaration of the national Education Emergency spearheaded by the honorable Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, Prime Minister Islamic Republic of Pakistan with impeccable support from the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (MoFE&PT).

“Today, with iron conviction, and the support of provinces, we will handle the challenge of 26m out-of-school children. We will bring them back to school…I declare from this moment an Emergency in Education all over Pakistan…” the Prime Minister said addressing the National Conference on Education Emergency. It was a compelling call for action just 8 weeks after assuming office as a critical national imperative to drastically reduce 26 million children out of school as well as learning and income poverty. We are staunch believers in the power of education as a multiplier creating domino impact and 1000s of committed champion activists across Pakistan to make an irreversible difference through the transformative power of education and foundational learning.

Awaiting the concrete set of actions from the PM’s bold Declaration, supported by development partners, I could not resist but ask AI-Meta (my new found knowledge friend) about what could be practical ways to make the Education Emergency an effective reality?   Here is what my new friend had to say.

  1. Constitute an Emergency Response Team: Establish a high-level task force, led by the Prime Minister, comprising ministers, education experts, and stakeholders to oversee the emergency response.
  2. Develop a Comprehensive Plan: Create a detailed, data-driven plan with clear goals, objectives, and timelines, focusing on:
    • Increasing access to education with a particular focus on girls, most disadvantaged groups and drop outs
    • Improving education quality with learning outcomes
    • Enhancing teacher training and capacity
    • Infrastructure development
    • Curriculum reform
  3. Allocate Dedicated Funding: Provide a significant increase in the education budget to support the emergency response, ensuring effective utilization and transparency.
  4. Mobilize Resources: Engage with international partners, donor agencies, and local organizations to secure support, expertise, and resources.
  5. Strengthen Institutional Framework: Enhance the capacity of education departments, agencies, and institutions to respond to the emergency, ensuring effective governance and accountability.
  6. Community Engagement and Awareness: Launch a nationwide awareness campaign to engage citizens, parents, and communities in the education emergency response.
  7. Teacher Training and Support: Provide extensive training and support to teachers, focusing on capacity building, pedagogical skills, and mentorship.
  8. Infrastructure Development: Rapidly upgrade and expand school infrastructure, including classrooms, libraries, and technology facilities.
  9. Curriculum Reform: Initiate a comprehensive curriculum review, incorporating modern skills, critical thinking, and inclusivity.
  10. Monitoring and Evaluation: Establish a robust monitoring system to track progress, identify challenges, and adjust strategies accordingly.
  11. Public-Private Partnerships: Foster collaborations with private sector organizations, NGOs, and civil society to amplify the response.
  12. Emergency Response Delivery Units: Establish dedicated units in each province and district to coordinate and implement the emergency response.

By taking these practical steps, the Education Emergency declaration can be translated into tangible actions, leading to meaningful improvements in Pakistan’s education system.”

I must say I was impressed by AI-Meta’s 12 measures. It forgot to mention the emergent role of the newly established Pakistan Foundational Learning (PFL) Hub (Sept. 2023)  performing an excellent catalyzing role in crowdsourcing solutions and actors for FL in the country.

What do you all think and suggest? Please do respond; I am tagging the MoFE&PT to hear,  comment and add to what the public has to say to AI’s recommendations. We also hope that honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan and his Office can also provide inputs to AI-Meta’s logical suggestions!

Baela Raza Jamil
CEO ITA and Founder Pakistan Learning Festival
ASER Pakistan 2008-2023+++
Champion the Learning Generation Initiative (TLGI)