Idara E Taleem o Aagahi

Recovery for Foundational Learning

Recovery for Foundational Learning

Recovery for Foundational Learning

Flood Response in Sindh

ITA’S Theory of Change in Emergencies Pivots around the Following Assumptions

Education is a fundamental entitlement for children, especially the most marginalized. Education is linked to other entitlements as capabilities including lifelong learning, health, nutrition, economic opportunities, gender equality & poverty reduction

Access to inclusive quality learning and especially foundational learning is a fundamental right (25 A) with laws and rules in place. Sindh province has notified a comprehensive Sindh Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act 2013 along with rules (2015) for implementation. The rules were developed in consultation with stakeholders including ITA, as a longstanding member of the LEG

The School is a central unit of planning within designated school clusters (union councils/blocks) finalized by the SELD for access to safe and quality education with school leaders/head-teachers ensuring linkages of children/students, teachers, and parents, or schools and homes in a local community context; the home-school linkage evidence was very gallant throughout COVID -19 (ASER 2021 surveys)

Emergencies such as the ‘monster floods’ are an opportunity to extend immediate relief to students/teachers/schools and engage in structural and strategic system shifts for remapping/rethinking and redesigning the home-school and school-cluster link with greater engagement of parents/caregivers with duty bearers for foundational and social-emotional learning, health/ hygiene, life skills, and gender equality.