Idara E Taleem o Aagahi

Sindh Education Foundation (SEF)

Sindh Education Foundation (SEF)

ITA operated Foundation Assisted Schools (FAS) under Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) 2014-ongoing

ITA is managing more than 160 primary to elementary level schools in Sindh and Punjab supported by the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) and Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) and PIEMA through public-private partnerships. This model supports the schools through per child subsidy model with the objective to promote access to quality education in hard-to-reach areas.

In Sindh, ITA is working in partnership with Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) in Foundation Assisted Schools Program (FAS) since 2011.

ITA is running 15 Schools as Aagahi School System with 8 schools in Sukkur, 1 in Ghotki, 3 in Shikarpur and 2 in Matiari District. The Aagahi School System are primary grade schools across Sindh thriving to provide quality education and bringing local groups together for community development. ITA also support 2 government school in Karachi under SEF Adopt a School Program (AASP). All the factors are working together to achieve the bigger goals of quality education.

Target Districts:

  •   Sukkur, Shikarpur and Ghotki with SEF
  •  Matiari and Karachi directly through ITA support and Adopt a School Program


Level of Education

The majority of schools cater from ECE/Early Years to Grade 5 and some are up to the elementary and secondary level in 5 districts of Sindh.



The focus is to achieve school improvement through PPP and achieve the following objectives:

  •   To provide accessible and quality education in less privileged communities of rural areas
  •  To extend free and flexible learning opportunities at the grass-roots level
  •  To ensure inclusive education and promote girls’ enrollment in the schools
  •  To supplement government sector plans and policies such as enroll out of school children (OOSC) especially girls, community outreach and school development.


Four Inter-Linked and Concurrent Dimension

The focus of the program is on four inter-linked and concurrent dimensions;

  •   Learning improvement through adequate, trained and supported teachers in safe stimulating learning environment,
  •  Leadership with a vision and capabilities for holistic learning with life skills
  •  Parental /community engagement and active participation
  •  Children’s personal and social well being, participation and voice



Total # of Schools


Total # of Directs


Sukkur, Shikarpur, Ghotki, Matiari, Karachi
Total # of Beneficiaries
Total # of Teachers


The Schools through PPPs have the potential to evolve further as Learning Laboratories in Pakistan for:

  •  ECE and Foundational Learning
  •   Interactive pedagogies and EdTech solutions in times of crisis and beyond
  •   Life skills crossing over both academic and non-academic learning
  •   Addressing emergencies – Floods/climate change within schools and with local communities and parents
  •   Resource mobilization for sustainability
  •   To ensure long-term institutional development of schools in partnership with communities for quality reform efforts



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