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Girls’ Education and Enterprise Alliance

Girls' Education and Enterprise Alliance

What is the Girls Education & Enterprise Alliance?

The Girls Education & Enterprise Alliance, is an initiative by Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (ITA), centre for education and consciousness, to empower girls and young women in Pakistan with support of national and global champions of Girls Education. GEEA’s twin pillars are education (as lifelong learning), and enterprise (skills for livelihoods) embedded firmly in life skills and agency to reach their full potential as empowered girls and young women. They, in turn become multipliers for their families, schools, communities and countries. We have crafted a proven model to connect key stakeholders including state and non-state actors, industry, parliamentarians and star leaders at the national and global levels together with communities, parents and facilitators.

Why does this Matter?

An educated young girl/adolescent can uplift herself, family, her community, and her country, but often faces severe barriers preventing her from going to school. Even prior to COVID-19, globally there were more than 98 million adolescent girls out of school; whereas, in Pakistan 12 million girls are out of school . Sadly, that number could increase in the months and years ahead. Early studies predict that 20 million more girls may remain out of school as a result of the pandemic—not just in the near future, but forever . In some countries, it is unsafe for girls to attend school as they can be subjects of sexual harassment, assault, or routine discrimination and violence. In addition, many adolescent girls are forced to miss school during menstruation due to lack of resources or stigma and some are forced to take on household responsibilities or subjected to early marriage. With the onslaught of climate change emergencies, young adolescent girls will bear the brunt of extreme conditions.

GEEA targets young grassroots leaders around the country with support of national and global champions who are committed to the unique challenges faced by girls and young women within their local communities, and the actions mobilized to overcome them.


Unacceptable Metrics for Girls and Women in Pakistan


ITA – Alliances and Linkages

ITA’s focus from its inception in 2000 has been to cultivate and work with like-minded organizations across Pakistan and globally committed to supporting the most vulnerable groups through education as a comprehensive journey. ITA’s commitment to alliances in embedded in the following core principles:

  •  Alliances help connect and leverage learning solutions that work, sharing resources and accelerating positive practices with outcomes.
  •  Alliances help in fearless ‘border crossings’ at multiple levels and strengthen capacity building with agency
  •  Alliances help in forming research communities for legitimizing knowledge creation, evidence and discourse, nationally and globally
  •  Alliances help in advocacy, policy influence for closing the equity and gender gaps.

ITA has actively sought alliance building proactively nurturing multiple partnerships across generations and geographies for scale and support.

So far, ITA has supported 60,000 girls since 2018 through multiple programs for Girls Education & Enterprise Siyani Sahelian (wise friends), Uraan (flight) and Aasman Sey Batein (speaking to the skies) & Education Foundations.

How can you support us?

Every single one of us has the power to make a difference for girls and young women in Pakistan and around the world. By supporting Girls Education and Enterprise Alliance (GEEA), you can build grassroots leaders, share ideas, tools, strategies and platforms that work best for themselves and their community. We are reaching out to you to join the Alliance

  •  Become a National & Global Champion- A VOICE for GEEA
  •  Contributing to learning solutions (K-12), Edtech and life skills
  •  Building capacity in TVET, enterprise, financial inclusion and livelihoods
  •  Storytelling, arts, film making and performing arts
  • Supporting next generation GEEA leaders
  •  Partnerships across Government, parliamentarians, industry, development partners, media and CSOs

Keep up with us!

Complete the form below and we will keep you in the loop on our mission, or model, and our impact. We look forward to sharing and learning with and for you. You can connect with us Here! Or you may Download and submit filled Engagement Form at

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